Stefan Molyneux Shoots Self in Foot with “The Gun in the Room” – Freedom Feens radio archive



Michael W. Dean, Ben Stone the Bad Quaker and Katy Kaos discuss the important civil rights that would be solidified by TruShibes winning her precedent-setting case against alleged philosopher Stefan Molyneux. Molyneux talk starts at 19 minutes 40 seconds in and goes to the end.

Read about the lawsuit on FDRliberated here.

Learn about TruShibes and donate to her legal fund here.

You can read the complaint in full here.

AUDIO NOTE: Katy was NOT using the mic we recommend, she was using the crappy built-in mic on her laptop. But she’s getting the mic we recommend.

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16 Responses to Stefan Molyneux Shoots Self in Foot with “The Gun in the Room” – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Cameron says:

    Thanks again for overcoming your gag reflex and covering Stef once more. If you don’t do it, no one will. Too many pusillanimous podcasters are afraid of “hurting the movement”.

  2. Colin says:

    I wonder if Stefan Molyneux’s talks through his heating vents from upstairs to his avid followers at their $500 inner circle sessions?

    Perhaps you could add something regarding this to your Feens Against Humanity Solitaire Deck, for example

    Derrick J was recently arrested for talking through the heating vents during a private psychotherapy session.

  3. B. Phillips says:

    As the cult things keeps being thrown around with Molyneux, I was reminded that he did a video expousing his love for Ayn Rand. The cult question was thrown around with her as well. Murray Rothbard even produced a play parodying her. I honestly wonder if Moly took cues from Rand.

    link for Mozart was a Red

  4. Jon says:

    Where did Stef say that he would sue anyone who calls FDR a cult? That’s pretty gross, and I would love to be able to verify that.

    • Bb says:

      Search . . . .

      ‘be legally responsible’
      ‘Using these words [cult] without detailed and specific evidence represents actionable legal slander’
      ‘Cult is a very specific legal term […] when you’re gonna use words like ‘brainwashing’, ‘cult’, ‘cult leader’ and so on, that is specific, that is associated with criminal activity and you need to provide evidence or you need to withdraw those claims.’
      ‘If you call my show a cult or me a cult leader and do not provide objective evidence from standardized definitions, we will have a problem.’

  5. Anders Heile Hass says:

    Problem with your player and download :/ But I downloaded the stitcher app and listen to it on my phone 😀

  6. jon says:

    Failed – No file


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  8. Leo says:

    Thank you Feens for keeping to report on Molyneux. Good work! Wooooooorms 🙂

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