Do Cats Dream of Electric Feens? (commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive)


fuzzy mirrors a raccoon

Bill Buppert and Derrick J talk about the power of dreaming (figurative dreams and literal dreams) as a road to freedom.


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4 Responses to Do Cats Dream of Electric Feens? (commercial-free Freedom Feens radio archive)

  1. blast0id says:

    ah man, I’m sorry to hear about your loss, I have 2 kittehs (El Cappy-Ton, and Pearl) and a pit-bull/american bull mix that is the spitting image of petey from little rascals… anyways, love your show, I’ve actually found myself listening to you guys a lot more than FTL, and there was a time when FTL was all I would listen to… lol… Absolutely love the mashup style format (of co-hosts) it really makes for an interesting show!

  2. Ben Stone says:

    Good show guys!
    BTW, Bill; I’m an ordained minister and I perform weddings. If you know someone who is trying to marry a frozen dinner from the last century and can’t find clergy for the ceremony, sent them my way. I do require some time to get to know the couple and I like to discuss the details beforehand.

  3. blast0id says:

    Is that a badger or a raccoon? I apologize for probably being the only retard in the tri-state area that can’t tell from the picture… do I need glasses?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      lol. It’s a raccoon eating the bird food on the window sill.
      The one inside the window is Fuzzy, our kitty who past away last week.

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