An Unconventional Look at Conventions – Freedom Feens radio archive

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Davi Barker, Michael W. Dean and MK Lords discuss the various aspects of human gatherings, liberty and otherwise. Covered are conventions, conferences, un-conferences, expos, festivals, jam-band-burning-renfaires and more.

Also discussed are men-cutting feminists, anarcho-communists who engage in capitalism and much more.

Davi also states that “As soon as people started farming, the started getting farmed.”

List of places in the US and Europe Michael Dean toured with his DIY or DIE film.

Michael’s book A User’s Manual For The Human Experience

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3 Responses to An Unconventional Look at Conventions – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. blast0id says:

    I agree, anytime I have more than one episode to catch up on while I’m working is a kick-ass workday, even if I make shit for money that day… lucky for me though, I know tomorrow will be good both money and aural stimulation wise! haha!

  2. Sean DuVally says:

    I never get a chance on Sundays to listen to the show, but that’s good because the only thing that makes Mondays tolerable is that I have 2 Feens episodes to listen to.

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