If You Meet The Libertarian Buddha, Kill Him – live radio archive

Young Buddhist hunting the elusive Buddha.

Young Buddhist hunting the elusive Buddha.


If You Meet The Libertarian Buddha, Kill Him…(figuratively, not literally).

Randy England, Ben Stone the Bad Quaker, and Michael W. Dean shed a bit more light and knowledge on a self-deceiving world by talking about how libertarians don’t need kings, even voluntary kings, we should be our own kings.

Also: Without the government who would point guns at you? Chris Cantwell, that’s who! He muzzle sweeps the cameraman, himself and downtown Keene NH with his snubbie revolver in this Colbert Report piece. (Cantwell’s horribly unsafe gun handling is at 2 min 5 seconds into the video). With this and a whole lot more, Chris Cantwell earns the title “The Snooki of Liberty” by needing lots of attention, and thinking that negative attention is better than positive attention. We predict it won’t end well.

David Codrea from War on Guns weighs in here.

The four rules of gun safety are explained very well in “Gun Training With The Non-aggression Principle, Vol 1: Basic Handgun and Rifle with Jared Waltz

Trailer for same.

The four rules of gun safety are explained very well and demonstrated by a pretty girl in the beginning of the movie Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom.

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16 Responses to If You Meet The Libertarian Buddha, Kill Him – live radio archive

  1. David says:

    I watched the video with Cantwell and while I think saying he swept is a little bit of a stretch, he certainly didn’t show gun safety skills that would make me want to be near him. I find his antics juvenile, frankly. Waving around a holstered firearm isn’t a great way to bring awareness to the cause. To be fair, under the strictest of definitions, it’s almost impossible to unload and reload a revolver without sweeping something.

    Is he a jerk? I don’t know. Never met him. But I’ve heard enough that I’d be on my toes around him.

  2. Andrew Trznadel says:

    Also, in reflecting on this episode, I’m reminded of an apt book Bob Dylan lyric from Subterranean Homesick Blues: Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters

  3. Andrew Trznadel says:

    Every episode I think to myself “Oh, cool, I love this co-host” but dammit if Ben Stone and Randy England together weren’t freaking awesome. Great show!

  4. Mike Fleming says:

    I think you are a bit snarky when it comes to Cantwell. Sure, criticise him for the gun handling thing (haven’t seen the video personally so can’t comment) if it is warranted. But I think you went beyond that with snarky comments about beer money and other stuff.

    I seem him as a flawed character (aren’t we all) with probably a rough history who wants to do the right thing. Give the man some credit. The world outside libertarian circles doesn’t have a lot of philosophical consistency and it takes some people longer to adjust than others.

    In saying all that, I’m pretty sure Chris can take the hits and if it’s all in good fun and not at anyone’s expense then a bit of ribbing is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Moly is a completely different story and deserves all the scorn he gets.

    • Ben Stone says:

      Mike, do you know Cantwell?
      I have met him. He is a scum bag. He has lied to me and about me. Defend him if you feel you must, but I will never speak to him nor tolerate him in my presence again. I say that because I have spoke to him. I personally challenged him to a debate on the spot at Porcfest in 2013. He has since lied about that encounter.


    • MichaelWDean says:


      If Cantwell “can take the hits and it’s all in good fun” why did he block me from commenting on one of his sites today?

      Wasn’t even a mean comment, was funny. The guy can dish it out, but can’t take it.

      Cantwell also has a history of walking drunk up to women at events, crudely propositioning them, and then when they say “fuck off”, he calls them fat whores. Does a good guy do that? He’s done that to friends of mine. Last time I know for sure he did that was two years ago, but he’s never apologized, and has laughed at the suggestion that maybe he should.

      You wrote: “Moly is a completely different story and deserves all the scorn he gets.” Funny, of the six libertarian gods I’ve dared critique, most people say some variation of “you’re right about the first 4 or 5, but ____ is a good guy.” And the ______ is different for every person. lol. People love their favorite “Great Mean” god-leaders, and love to defend them without scratching the surface of checking out the available evidence.

      • Mike Fleming says:

        OK, well, look I don’t know him personally. All the “inside baseball” stuff is unknown to me. I’ve listened to FTL and he seems to be OK on there. I haven’t personally seen anything too bad from any of his videos or articles ( caveat, I haven’t seen them all). It’s more wacky than anything else.

        But perhaps you are right and I just haven’t seen the real Cantwell. I certainly won’t discount that possibility.

        I just observed something that I thought was a little off and put it down in writing. The tone of your comments would seem to indicate that I possibly have it wrong, (although I haven’t seen the evidence yet) and that could be true.

        If someone said something about the 2 of you that was bad, but didn’t offer up the supporting evidence, just saying that they had bad personal experiences, I would have the same attitude though.

        And I certainly don’t worship anyone or think anyone is beyond criticism. If you believe Cantwell is as bad as you claim I am willing to look at the evidence. Just as if someone offered evidence against you I would be willing to take a look even though I very much enjoy your show.

        In the meantime, have a great day guys.

  5. Adjams says:

    I thought I’d put in a random observation about one of these libertarian Buddah’s that you decided not to name. (or talk about in this episode

    I’ve really appreciated your holding Molyneux’s feet to the fire, specifically on his cult like behavior.

    I have encountered about half a dozen people, some of which I regard as good friends, who have been sucked into this guys “cult-like” organization.

    One of my favorite things I used to point out to people about this guy was that the 1st or 2nd google autofill for Stephan Molyneux used to be the word cult. This was as recent as this past summer. (In fact, its still the second result on yahoo and bing.) I was pointed towards FDR by a friend of mine who has since become a Molynut about a year and a half maybe two years ago. I recalled the first time looking into him and seeing that autofill. That’s what led me to the FDR liberated and Moly-revealed site.

    Anyway, back to Google autofill results. Is it possible that he has become so popular with other subjects that “cult” is no longer a merited autofill for him? Perhaps his “Truth About” series as really taken off? Well, if I type his name and start filling out the word cult, it doesn’t even auto-fill the word anymore (where as you can put almost any random word into google and it will make an attempt to autofill that word for you.) I think there has been some damage control. I wish I took some screen shots back in the day, but I never thought of it.

    I’m also quite surprised not to see an auto complete for “Stephan Molyneux DMC… But I don’t see google fulfilling a damage control type request on that subject as opposed to the word cult. However, there are also some other non-present auto-fills that I would really expect google to finish for me. Defo… wif… misogy…

    But check out the bing and yahoo “autofill’s” for “stephan molyneux”. Have fun!

  6. Sam says:

    Ben, if you ever pass through New Mexico in your travels you should call yourself the Breaking Bad Quaker.

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