Hookers, Ted Nugent And Fascism


Hookers, Ted Nugent And Fascism

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about REDNECKS, NYC AND 9/11, More on “it’s the people, not the government”, how “The State” and “the social contract” are illegal, unenforceable contracts. Since the “terms and conditions” (laws and taxes) can change at any time, they are an “illusory promise”, creepy robo call from the robo cops, City Council hires “consultant” to help formulate 20-year agenda for the city, The existence of governments parallels the existence of organized warfare, “legitimacy” of governments, The FREE LUNCH Project, “Compulsive disclosure” for fun and profit, Ted Nugent’s statism, Casper man shoots self in foot, Police handcuff Georgia kindergartner for tantrum, and Video Game Geek covers Video game where you are a statist newspaper editor, Tax time pushes some Americans to relinquish citizenship, America as a one-party system, and Ted Nugent and NRA backs gun-grabber Romney.

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2 Responses to Hookers, Ted Nugent And Fascism

  1. Hesperus says:

    The whole thing about the right to rule got me thinking about something crazy I heard about the Hapsburg family awhile ago. They derived their right to rule from the divine right but also from some silly story about how the founder of that clan did some ridiculous horse ride across half of Europe to rescue his girlfriend from some evil bloke. Which I think can be filed under the fallacy of,”respect my authority because my great great great great-grandfather rescued a princess, or whatever.”

    I also wanted to mention a very odd concept I heard some time ago that the concept of everyone being equal under the law, whatever the law may be. Or that the law is the final arbiter of all things is actually a concept derived from Muslim ideas, odd concept. The guy who told that to me was a Bahai, he was a veritable fountain of weird concepts especially where the new world order was concerned. I.E. That it was a good thing, I don’t know though, perhaps this is just how you think when you are not a “conspiracy theorist” which you guys are like it or lump it, at least as far as Cass Sunstien is concerned.

    But when you get into denying that there is such thing as political conspiracy, well what would such a person call the death of Julius Caesar, an unfortunate kitchen accident?

    On the subject of owning guns in southern Asia I heard a hilarious thing about that a few years ago. Well at least I found it funny. The deal was in India that of you were willing to undergo a vasectomy then you would get an expedited firearm license.

    Also Detroit’s robocop is nowhere near as terrifying as DARPAs attempts to create zombie soldiers, look that up.  

    And the country you were thinking of was Colombia, the incident occurred in the city of Cartagena. I would like to go there someday, as long as I could bring a Mac 10.  

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