The Value of Attraction, Rather Than Promotion, in Liberty – Freedom Feens radio archive

^Poster child for promotion not attraction

^Poster child for “promotion rather than attraction.”

Michael W. Dean and Dianna Keiler talk about the value of attraction over (self)-promotion. And how watching a vainglorious car crash of a human destroy himself can be fascinating (and make some people want to make popcorn!), but it can’t really hurt a “movement” as a whole.

Also, the parable of “If you can’t be convinced to leave the meeting, the meeting will leave you.”

And “The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away.”

Also discussed is Michael’s book A User’s Manual For The Human Experience

(Cantwell as “The Snookie of Liberty” meme by Jim Jesus.)

UPDATE: when quoted Ian Freeman as writing: “Just a bunch of intellectual wusses hiding behind their keyboards. Keene activists have more bravado in their pinky fingers than the rest of these folks”, he was talking about people who say that the Colbert Report piece on Robin Hooding was harming liberty. He was NOT talking about the makers of the card game “Libertarians Against Humanity.”

It was an easy mistake to make, on a thread where people are answering back and forth.

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  1. Brian A says:

    I had a similar issue with Paypal in May, buying a guitar. I was paying with a credit card, so transferring money wasn’t an issue, but they imposed a ridiculously low limit on what I could spend without either linking my bank account or providing more documents than I cared to give them. It was most likely thanks to the Patriot Act. It really left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Love the statement (regarding cat fights), “My cat’s dead, I’m out of the fight.”

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