Microphones and Cats: The Road to LibPar – Freedom Feens radio archive



Chandler St. Pierre (it’s his birthday! woot!) and Michael W. Dean talk about the activism of feeding homeless and downtrodden people, the rock musical groups Bomb and Millions of Dead Cops, the Ferguson Grand Jury decision, and how peaceful cat ownership is more effective than a lot of what passes for “making a difference” in this world.

Lucy in the Sky with Desi -Bomb

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9 Responses to Microphones and Cats: The Road to LibPar – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Ikefeen says:

    You and chandler really sound good together nowadays, like you and Lou or you and Neema.

  2. Mike Fleming says:

    I saw the video where the DEA Agent shot himself in the foot. Very funny.

    Have you seen this one? Sort of related. The gun gets jammed and the guy decides to take a look down the barrel and almost blows his head off.


  3. blast0id says:

    alright, my fiance loves tuxedo cats, and wants to know more about CSPs tuxie, she has a tuxedo cat fetish, that’s the best I can describe it, she follows a few different tuxedo cats on instagram and is always forcing the tuxie “porn” on me… lol. no really.

  4. Ryan says:

    If you don’t mind sharing, how much do you need to cover hosting this month?

  5. Ikefeen says:

    With regard to cantwell sweeping people, I agree it’s bad gun handling. I carry in the 12:00 position a flock in a stiff kydex holster that completely xovers the trigger. Technically this is muzzle sweeping myself, but I feel it is safe. Nearly every IWB carry position means sweeping yourself at some point, consider the 5-6 o’clock, you will sweep the strong side leg on a draw on occasion. Also if I position the holster in aiwb, I can get th barrel between my leg and genitals to where it is actually not pointing at either-it’s pointing inside the gap between both.

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