The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor – Freedom Feens radio archive



Ben Stone the Bad Quaker drops mad science about how everything you learned in government school about Pearl Harbor was false. Michael W. Dean and Gretchen Clark listen in awe.

Pic of MWD and Ben Stone when they spoke on “The Hero’s Journey in Storytelling” at Porcfest:


A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson & Roosevelt by John Denson

The Causes of the World War by Harry Elmer Barnes

The Pearl Harbor Myth: Rethinking the Unthinkable by George Victor

Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War by George Morgenstern

Desperate Deception: British Convert Operations in the United States, 1939-1944 by Thomas Mahl


Help our friend Nichole’s mother who got messed with by the cops:

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5 Responses to The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. David says:

    Maybe I’ll be happy…

    One of the great unheralded punk songs. Heard it start and had to run out to the garage and do a combo on the heavy bag. Love that real punk shit. Riles me up.

    Way to drop history, Ben. Needs to be heard.

  2. Mark says:

    An excellent show.

    As a kid in school learning about the Pearl Harbor attack, it puzzled me to hear that the attack was “unprovoked”. Being the fool I was, I stuck my hand in the air and asked, and (big surprise!) was immediately silenced.

    So.. Was Admiral Yamamoto bored, and attacked Pearl Harbor just to see if his shiny toys worked? As sarcastic as that is, it makes more sense than the attack being unprovoked!

    Early in school, I was suspicious of what I was being fed. Much of it didn’t stand up to any serious analysis. But, I mostly kept my head down and mouth shut just to get the fancy piece of paper at the end of it. Yay!

    Thank you, Ben, for your analysis and commentary of history.

  3. Halsingen says:

    Regarding FDR, the chapter about him in Thaddeus Russell’s book “A Renegade History” is also interesting to read.

    The libertarian School Sucks Podcast made an episode about it:

    It’s fascinating how the Scandinavian welfare states which were founded around the same time as the New Deal, have exactly the same traits.

    The Social Democrats was reformed from “class parties” to nationalist “folk parties”. Historian Anders Edwardsson (in his book “En annorlunda historia”) writes that with the founding of the Scandinavian Welfare states:

    “an increasingly corporatist social model was embraced, where the state (just like in the Middle Ages) not primarily relate to the citizens as individuals but as members of various organizations, whose participation in various state and municipal bodies increasingly turned them into semi-official, officious bodies. This development would in Sweden admittedly take a variety of forms. The overall idea and ambition, however, was – just as in Fascist Italy – that the union of the state, society, organizations and industry would create a stronger and more harmonious society. ”

  4. Colin says:

    You can find the freely downloadable pdf and epub versions of “A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt” at the Mises Institute.

    Thanks for the excellent show, guys.

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