If Romney and Obama Got Cancer, We’d Smile


yes we can say no to cops

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi take live calls and discuss with the Feens how it’s a false dilemma that you HAVE to “vote for the lesser of two evils”, partially because they’re both SO DAMN EVIL and want cancer patients to be thrown in prison for seeking relief. They talk about Hippie Valium, the poor man’s speedball, statists, liberty, Larry Flint, what a homophobe Rand Paul is, and moving beyond just bitching about the state. Then tell all the secrets of how they record.


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  1. Thanks Michael!

    Now I’ll have to think up some specific questions, at the risk of asking things that are already in your book. Does $30 music school cover a lot of recording/mastering theory basics and whatnot, or is it more geared toward a touring band? If I’m one guy with a laptop and a USB interface, playing guitar and bass and looping drums, doing this as a hobby, will I get a lot out of it?

    One specific question on multitracking guitars: Are you doing multiple mics on the same amp, or are you playing repeated takes and just using one mic? Or are you doing some of both?

    Also, bass. Are you mic’ing a bass amp, or recording direct into your ART preamp?

    Sorry if I’m asking questions you’ve answered elsewhere.


    Brian Anderson

  2. MichaelWDean says:


    Post as much as you’d like!

    If you wanna hear more about our audio production methods, maybe send us a list of questions. Thanks!


  3. Also, not to be a post whore, but I loved hearing you guys talk about recording. The guitar multitracking bit was especially interesting to me. I’d love to hear some more music production/writing segments from you guys.

  4. DUDE! I will second the recommendation that Neema watch Firefly/Serenity. That show/movie is dear to my heart in part because of the libertarian slant it has. I still need to see the rest of Full Metal Jacket though, so I can’t very well give him crap for that.

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    OK, just watched “Dick In A Box.” Cute, but not worthy of a “I can’t believe you haven’t seen….” though I know you and Neema were kidding.



  6. Annie says:

    I can’t believe you havent seen dick in a box!

    & smoking honestly didn’t “work” for like.. the first 3 or 4 times for me.

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