CLASSIC FEENS: The Statist Generation


(Today’s radio show is a replay of Ben Stone from the other night. Podcast is a Classic Neema Feens from April 2013):


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how old punkers never die, they just turn into your dad. The Feens wonder why all the rebels who taught Michael to distrust the government are now shills for the State…. People like Jello Biafra (above, shirtless), Henry Rollins, Ted Nugent, Michael Graves of the Misfits, and more. Sheesh. Put a shirt on and read some Mises! Then they talk about G. Gordon Liddy, Dick Nixon, the FBI, the CIA, Bill O’Reilly, Lupe Fiasco, Doug Stanhope, Tim Leary, LSD, LDS, Colon, Nebraska, and the anti-Feens hater page.

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7 Responses to CLASSIC FEENS: The Statist Generation

  1. Gretchen says:

    Ha! This is a favorite past episode of mine. (Aside from having my illusions crushed about what I thought Jell-O stood for.)

    • MichaelWDean says:


    • Jason Hodge says:

      Great show! I have been spreading the word. Henry Rollins political views have been a big let down for me too. Attended one of his spoken word gigs back in 1998 and it was hilarious, but when I went to see him again a couple of years ago, the first half of the show was a lecture on if you don’t like Obama you’re a racist idiot and he took jabs at Ron Paul and Ayn Rand.

      • MichaelWDean says:

        Regarding Rollins …..For someone as smart and open minded as he is, he can be really stupid and bigoted.

        • Jason Hodge says:

          I agree. I never watched his show on IFC. Maybe if I had, I would not have been so surprised. I’m 39, & the older I get, the more rebellious I become. Not sure why so many Rockers become drones when they get old. They obviously don’t pay close attention to current events.

  2. Jose from Spain says:

    Nice episode.

    Old ones are as funny as the new ones.

    Happy New Year, Michael.

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