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Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean have the FeenPhone pre-IPO (Initial Phone Offering) test. They do a WHOLE SHOW ON RADIO with the first-ever live radio test of FeenPhone, the wonderful VoIP that Derrick Slopey made with input from MWD.

MWD was recorded locally, Davi was recorded over FeenPhone while talking in real time with MWD. The radio stations that broadcast this historic test are listed here. (Weeknight stations.)

MWD was on Windows 7, Davi was on Windows 8.

Davi and MWD reconnected a few times during the show, but in the second hour did not reconnect, and Davi and MWD talked for an hour after the show, and the program worked fine for two hours in that second block.

Derrick will be improving FeenPhone more over the coming weeks and months, and we will be releasing it to the public, for free, once it’s really solid and feature-rich. We’ll also likely be having a second round of fundraising. Feel free to donate now, HERE.

FeenPhone version number is Alpha201412232245.

There were a few drop outs in the first hour, but we changed the settings for the second hour and it mostly solved it, though it increased the latency a tiny bit. Bit it was still workable for radio. Here are the second-hour settings that worked best (though TCP worked better than UDP):


Show topics include the movie The Conspiracy, the book The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Bear Witch Project, and Cannibal Holocaust.

LibPar World Fair Postage Stamp meme by Davi Barker.

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7 Responses to FeenPhone Alpha Test for a Whole Show On Actual Radio – Freedom Feens

  1. blast0id says:

    This is beyond cool! I will definitely throw a couple more bones your way soon as possible! Very exciting!

  2. Ben Stone says:

    This is very exciting! The show sounded good, and got better as you guys tweaked the settings.
    Derrick has done a great service!
    Way to go guys!


  3. MichaelWDean says:

    Dennis New –

    FeenPhone IS open source. GNU license. RTFM: http://feenphone.com/features/

    We will upload source to GitHub after we work out the bugs. We’ve worked on this for a month, just got it workable tonight, and Derrick is spending time with his family. Do you want him to tell his kids “Sorry, Daddy can’t hang out with you for the holidays, Dennis New has demanded I do more work and then upload the source and document it RIGHT NOW.”

    If you’re saying “why aren’t you using Linux????”, we invite you to program it for Linux after we release the source code. We don’t have a Linux programmer on our team. Furthermore, the main stated purpose of FeenPhone is for people to communicate for broadcast stuff, we’re using it to bug our own homes.

    If you’re demanding a Linux version from us, demanding Linux from us for free now is ridiculous. It’s like saying “You built me a blue house for free! Fuck you! Build me an orange house!”

    Your comments are always so dicky. If Derrick and I had invented Bitcoin, you would have complained on day one that it wasn’t worth anything, and you would have declared it a failure.

    I know you’re a programmer, Linux if I recall. I will love it when you take our code and make the Linux FeenPhone. Though it’s possible Derrick can compile it for Linux. It’s just not going to happen on day one.


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