Libertarian Snitch!


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about Stacy Litz the liberty snitch and the chilling effect she’s having on the liberty movement. Then they talk about how tyranny never sleeps, a new conspiracy theory about the Georgia student with flesh-eating bacteria, don’t tred on meme silver dime cards, Public access Feens, the statist American Enterprise Institute, Nanites, iRobot and music recording tips from the Feens.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Does anyone have an updated information on this case? I want to know what’s up with the 3 who got busted because of Stacy & why Stacy has 4200+ friends on facebook today.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      Don’t know the case details. Do know Stacy is painting herself as a victim and still as a freedom fighter. I think her 4200 “friends” on Facebook are not friends, just folks keeping an eye on her.


  2. Hesperus says:

        Firearms training videos eh, going to do some of that Mosin-Nagant specific training I mentioned? I was recently at a MAG-20 course where Massad Ayoob, one of the most well known firearms instructors in the country advised us to watch that “don’t talk to cops.” YouTube clip, a bit long at 40+ minutes but very very good stuff.

       I also wanted to comment about the movie iRobot, the book was originally written by Isaac Asimov as a counter to all the stories about robots getting out of control and going nuts. That they rewrote his story into a run of the mill robot uprising story would probably have irritated him to no small degree.

        Something I once heard, “if you can’t face them in court you probably can’t fact them in battle.” But in regards to Larken Rose’s situation it’s mind boggling how often juries send people up the river for things which shouldn’t be crimes. From MAG-20 again, the case of Harold Fish came up where a man defended himself from a crazy homeless guy who was literally dumber and crazier than a pack of dogs and they sent this poor guy up the river in no small part because he used a Hyper-death dealing 10MM automatic pistol. And even more incredible not long after I first read about this one of the jurists in that case wrote into the gun magazine where it was written up and offered up a truly pathetic sounding excuse as to why he sent this guy up the river. 

        I was also wondering why you didn’t bring up the recent broadcast of THE WORST EPISODE OF FAMILY GUY EVAR!!! The whole thing was basically a pile of worn out arguments that people are just too stupid to take care of their own affairs, and in the event of anarchy pedophiles will walk into your house with a shotgun and take your kids.

        And your observations about the first and second amendment and Iraqi gun laws, brilliant, I am about as big a gun enthusiast as there is but gun ownership is not quite the guarantee of liberty that some people like to think it is, just look at Yemen. But don’t worry too much about your guns being too small to fight the government, just ask the afghans, their guns for the most part are even smaller than what a private citizen can acquire in this country.      

  3. MichaelWDean says:

    Sure thing, Brian! We’ll be doing more of that, so send in more questions. Though this Sunday’s live show will have a guest co-host (Neema’s camping) and the topic will be gun questions and self-defense questions.


  4. Fantastic cast. Thanks for answering my questions in such detail and at such length! That made my day, as well as giving me a lot of good information to work with. I’ll try to put it to good use.

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    Correction, on something I said in this cast: I moved FROM California, not TO California, so I could carry guns.


  6. MichaelWDean says:

    For the live shows these days, Neema and I use Condenser mics for the Sunday live shows and Nady Ribbon mics for the Wednesday non-live shows.


  7. Michigan Escapee says:

    Ok, so she’s dealing serious weight, I would assuming using as well, and her life and the lives around her end up as a trainwreck. Go figure eh ? 😉

    I suppose when she gets clean there will be a massive tear jerking drama she can blog about. She can then uber annoy people while trying to make amends I suppose.

    Drama whoring with out end. Welcome to the interwebs. How soon until she’s on tosh.0 ? lol

  8. Neema says:

    For an analogue synth I have the MicroKorg (it’s very affordable and versitile. I got mine for $400). For analogue sampling/sequencing I use an MPC 500 (the cheapest model and also portable I got it for $600 but I think it’s cheaper nowadays). For digital midi conrol I use the keyboard from Rock Band 3 (it’s got bigger keys than the MicroKorg). I also use Reason 5.0 as a soft synth/sequencer. I Use Cubase as a multitrack recording suite, my favorite VST plugins for it are made by Voxengo ( I most often use the Voxformer which is a vocal processor, and Elephant which is a mastering/limiting plugin for the finished product). For mics I use an AKG perception 100 (condenser) and a Nady RSM 5 (ribbon) It’s tied all together by a Lenovo thinkpad with 8GB RAM and an i7 processor. I use an M Audio Fastrack pro as a pre-amp/USB audio interface and an M audio Audio buddy as a pre-pre-amp (for the ribbon mic). If I’m mixing or choping samples from CDs I use two Stanton C304s and a Numark mixer.

  9. PhillipC says:

    What equipment does Neema use? Microphones, keyboards, software, all the stuff…

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