Chris Cantwell: Liar, Strawman and Sockpuppeteer


Cantwell's sockpuppets

MK Lords, Michael W. Dean and Davi Barker, talk about Chris Cantwell: the attention-seeking man-child and one of the top fakers in liberty.

Topics include: MK Lords’ article that got Cantwell all butt-hurt, Cantwell’s butt-hurt lying sockpuppety strawman ad hominem reply,  MK Lords’ reply to Cantwell’s butt hurt, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Also, GPL vs BSD licenses, and “is Breaking Bad” turning out a nation of meth zombies?” and WHY EVERYONE IN LIBERTY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR LAST NAME TO “FEENMAN.”

Keith Knight, cool cartoonist Michael mentioned but forgot to name.

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9 Responses to Chris Cantwell: Liar, Strawman and Sockpuppeteer

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  5. Eddie Dunne says:

    In regards to the bear mace episode.

    The reason Chris went to the guys house because the kid was all over his FB page threatening to come over to Chris’s house to kill him and his family so Cantwell went over there to take care of business.

    I thought he was well in his right to do so considering.

  6. Halsingen says:

    Regarding sock puppetry, the phoenomenon of astroturfing should receive more attention.

    In Europe, national-conservative/racist groups are the undisputed masters of this art.

  7. I’m glad to hear this follow up to the article. Cantwell’s reply only demonstrates just why he was outed in the article.

    He popped into our chat room once shortly after a link to one of his articles was posted there, just as we were commenting on how pathetic he his. We got a good laugh from it. Apparently he saw the referrer in his web logs so probably does really sit there looking at his logs and web stats looking for something to get attention.

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