You got SCOTUS in my FeenPhone 3-way! – Freedom Feens radio archive



Randy England esq., Michael W. Dean and Lousander Feen do the FIRST-EVER 3-WAY full show on radio connecting to each other via FeenPhone. It’s HISTORY in the making rammed right into your ear hole!

The talk about the recent supreme court decision that ignorance of the law IS an excuse….IF you’re a cop. Other fun topics: NYPD stage military coup of NYC (more on that here), and finally, STEPHAN MOLYNUEX GOES FULL-ON STATIST and backs taxes!




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8 Responses to You got SCOTUS in my FeenPhone 3-way! – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Jim Jesus says:

    I think we need to chokehold this show to death. It’s unfair to all the liberty podcast who have to N.A.P. my ear off. Stop aggressing against them.

  2. Gretchen says:

    Haaaaha! I LOVE the compliacin ad.

    “Thank you for your cervix.”
    My continence was tested a LOT during this episode.

    Good show, fellas!

  3. Mike Fleming says:

    Michael is too many syllables. If you can shorten your name to one syllable you have a duty to do so, and not doing so just makes you pretentious. 😛

    And what’s wrong with the guys at the gas station? Are you saying you’re too good for them? Too angelic?

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  5. Nathan says:

    The governor of the Lone Islands in the novel “The Dawn Treader” is a pompous ruler who sells slaves and creates enough bureaucracy so that nobody can meaningfully reform the system. He is stripped of his position and the island turned into a feudal holding. That Lewis, always implanting seditious ideas into the minds of impressionable children!

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