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Bill Buppert from and Michael W. Dean talk (over Skype, NOT FeenPhone) and discuss “Where the hippies went wrong, part 2”, the author of the racist Ron Paul newsletters, why Marxism makes sense to stupid people, why voluntaryism / AnCapistan / libertarianism / abolitionism are starting to make more sense to more smart people, and then they answer the question “Do libertarians get their own planet when you die?”

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7 Responses to Statists Weaponize Envy – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Halsingen says:

    Regarding what Bill Buppert said about agreeing to 98% with national socialism, funny enough I just read an article by a celebrated professor of history who argue that the growing national-conservative/racist parties in Europe (the Sweden Democrats, the True Finns, Danish People’s Party, Jobbik, the Golden Dawn and their sister parties) can’t be Fascist until they:

    “call themselves revolutionary, pleading for corporatism, declares their dream of the abolition of all political parties except their own, emphasizes their contempt for weakness, requires the establishment of a new racial biology institute, seeks to get annexation of weaker neighbours and organizes a powerful ‘march on the Capital” in national costumes”

    I guess if Fascism must have the same attributes as in the 1920’s, it can never come back?

  2. Ikefeen says:

    This episode sounds terrible.

  3. dave w. says:

    mac vs pc, when I got my apple iBook everyone I knew had a non-apple and asked my why I would spend more for an apple. One question would shut them up forever, I asked them “in a week how many times do you have to reboot?” They all would answer at least once a day. When I said that my apple would go to sleep and wake up ready to run every day for months on end without a reboot their jaws would drop and I would see them mentally calculating how they could afford an apple. That’s it, convenience. Then I would explain that I’ve never had a virus even without anti-virus software. Then I would tell them that 99% of the virus’s that infected macs were because of Microsoft software written for Macs allowing access to the machine and that I would never use any Microsoft software. What was that convenience worth, a hundred bucks a year over the life of the computer. Absolutely

  4. Ikefeen says:

    So last night a friend brought a dog over to my house. My 1 year old cat peed on my jacket this morning. She is in heat as well. I read it could be a uti. I’m thinking she is mad at me for letting the dog stay last night. Any ideas?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Is your cat fixed? if not, get your cat fixed.

      Also, yeah, animals will pee when they feel challenged for their turf. Maybe don’t have the dog over.

      • Ikefeen says:

        Yea, will get her fixed. Real tired of the constant meowing. First time she’s ever done anything like this.

        • Brandon Satoshi says:

          You did introduce a new animal to the household, albeit it may be for a short time Ike. I is more than likely a territorial issue

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