Derrick J isn’t around tonight, he’s in New York City covering the Ross Ulbricht trial. Tonight’s radio show is a replay of Bill Buppert from earlier today. And here on the Interwebs, we bring you a CLASSIC FEENS with Neema Vedadi from June 2011: THE STATE AND THE STATISTS WHO LOVE IT

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss how the first black American president is bombing the hell out of Africa, Economic meltdown sex slave erotica, haters, California screwing itself again, Glenn Beck’s half-truths, Gay marriage in NY and the gun grabbers who “give” it to you, Bill O’Reilly interviewing Lupe Fiasco, Michael Dean’s deism, the Anti-Deist Movement, The Jefferson Bible, why the book “The Red Amendment” seems cultish and wrong,  the majesty of the Boondocks, what it was like being in a punk band in the 80s, battle rifle choices, Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Wyoming legalizing concealed carry of guns without a permit, and what it was like being in a punk band way back in the day. Then we hear a Right Arm of Wyoming song, “Redistribution of Theft.”

Also, check new interview with Michael W. Dean on FightPorn podcast


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19 Responses to Classic Feens – THE STATE AND THE STATISTS WHO LOVE IT

  1. LB Bork says:

    The Red Amendment speaks the truth and exposes planned opposition plans, such as the ones that get people to use the word “statist”. There is no limit to useful idiots, or operatives. I make no distinction between the two. They both create the same damage.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      You’re a cult leader pedaling snake oil. Get off my property.

      Classic snake oil tactics. If you don’t send Bork money, your grandkids will hate you. He says “if you fail to join PAC and help by assistance or donation, you are in fact defaulting to agree in continuing to support and fund the New World Order and its political goals.”

      You think you’re the freedom Pope. You think you’re the only channel to liberty. THAT is crazy people talk, man.


      • LB Bork says:

        You ever here that even “bad” advertising is good advertising. As you are running a cult of personality (jaw flapping on the airwaves… People love it), many will perhaps listen to you. But I am thinking intelligent people will see through your hate and lack of intellectual existence.

        By the way, nice blog/website, Mike.

      • LB Bork says:

        I venture you have not read anything I have written…. The FREE material. And your programmed socialist tendencies are showing.

        Tell you what, Mike… have me on your show and we can discuss why you are clueless follower of planned opposition programs.

        • MichaelWDean says:

          I’m not going to invite a sub-literate loon (who can’t even properly enter his own URL without breaking the link) on my show to insult me. That’s a waste of time and bad radio. And you don’t want to be on my show; the last guy I interviewed was later murdered by the government:

          Some talk show hosts may respond to your tactic of “call the host an idiot and he’ll HAVE to have me on his show”, but I’m smarter than that. I’m sure you’ll say you’ve “won” and I “was to much of a coward to ‘debate’ you”, but you’re wrong. Go ahead and think that, but you’re wrong. I won, not you. You’re begging to have coverage on my show. I’m not begging to be on your website.

          Plus, you have no following so I’d be giving you free advertising if I did that.

          I would not even take paid advertising from you. I have standards.

          We are, however, doing a whole show on you and your type this weekend.

          You’re an “attorney at lol.”

        • MichaelWDean says:


          I have read your free material. It’s so bad I want my money back.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      And Bork,

      “PEOPLE’S Awareness Coalition”?

      Sounds kinda communist to me.

      I love how your type calls any valid critics “useful idiots, or operatives.”

      I’m not saying you’re a government agent, but if you didn’t exist, the government would have had to create you.

      Though if you were a government agent, you’d probably be smart enough to type your URL for your link without the apostrophe you put in, which makes the link not work.


      • LB Bork says:

        Wow. You are an intelligent one. The link has nothing to do with what you said it did. YOU put up a dead URL.

        You are clueless. Typical anarchist mentality. Speak without knowledge and follow like lemmings.

        • MichaelWDean says:


          This episode was a re-post of something from 2011. Your link worked then. It’s not my job to keep your website URL from going 404.

          The link you’re putting when you enter comments here is still malformed and 404. And your spelling and syntax is atrocious. You ever “here” that?

          And don’t pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel (or who are on 32 radio stations 7 days a week). I’d completely forgotten about your b.s., mentioned you 4 years ago in passing. You’re close to poking me into going on a full-time campaign about this.

          Google “open letter to Marc Stevens” or “Stephan Molyneux” + “cult” to see if you want to have my critiques of you coming up high in Google searches for years to come. That’s what will happen if you keep hammering me with your b.s. and I actually take the time to address it beyond these comments here.

          I know it blows your mind that most people know you’re wrong. lol.


      • LB Bork says:

        Here you go… Some real work on your ilk…


        If you sorts has a clue…

        • MichaelWDean says:


          Again, you posted a malformed link. It doesn’t work. Are you 12? Naw, 12-year-olds can do that right.

          You’re too stupid to comment on here. I’ve marked your IP to send your future comments into the trash. If you’re smart enough to figure out how to use a different IP, maybe one more will post.

          I’m blocking you because you are spamming me. You are trying all sorts of tactics to get my audience to look at your b.s. That’s spam.


    • Jim Jesus says:

      I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS, so I googled it and MWD is right. You’re a nationalist who believes in magic words to save you from the government. You collectivize your audience with us vs. them language and then have the gall to call others “collectivists.” lolk.

      I don’t doubt you think what you’re selling is the truth, I don’t think you’re lying. I think you’re not playing with a full deck. You’re selling the twoof. If you want to talk about useful idiots, I could go into a long speech about how the crazies like you make liberty look bad and are a type of useful idiots for the state, but I don’t think you’ll understand it.

  2. fiasco has more talent in his left nut than kanye could ever hope to have… I’ll leave it at that…

  3. This show is pure audio delight. Love the interview with Bill Buppert. It’s what I do instead of drink in the afternoon.

  4. Ikefeen says:


    I don’t think its possible for even you to suspend your statism and enjoy American sniper. I am halfway decent at it and I had to turn that piece of garbage off. It’s not just blatant propaganda, but it’s self aware and doesn’t give an f propaganda. It’s terrible.

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