Linux lickers and Black Mirror – Freedom Feens radio



Davi Barker and Randy England listen while Michael Dean rants at people who know nothing about computers or open source licenses but bug people who run free software companies about their license choices or operating system choices.

Then all three chaps talk about Walled Garden computer systems, Internet history, BBS systems, dial-up, weenies on Reddit, The Great Failure of Wikipedia and the amazingly great show Black Mirror.

FeenPhone – Free open-source software for hi-quality true-duplex remote podcasting, radio, talking,


Jason Scott’s BBS documentary


Download free: Michael Dean’s 1983 college Magnum Opus, The Solstice Suite.

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14 Responses to Linux lickers and Black Mirror – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Chris Feen says:

    Hey Michael, I just wanted to say thanks. I have been listening ever since the Nima days and although I miss him I think all of the current hosts are awesome. I consider every one of you my friend.

    So as a friend you should know a little about me. Our pasts have a lot of similarities. I spent my early teens listening to punk in the early 90’s and the alternative tentacles punk not the rancid punk. Hah. I wrote a sci-fi novel when I was 19 and started a video production company in my 20’s. My business partner was always behind the camera so I wrote and learned the audio side of production.

    Unlike my business partner I could never give up the day job and after a few years got burnt out from doing both. Now I do my 9-5 and listen to the feens proudly. I spread the word as much as people will take it and have found that you can find a twinkle of libertarian in the people you least expect.

    I truly appreciate everything you do and how you do it so thank you.

  2. David says:

    The first episode is almost literally the allegory of Lady Godiva.

    The second showed the folly of using the system to beat the system.

    Good commentary, guys.

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  5. Brandon Satoshi says:

    White Bear was epic

  6. Ikefeen says:

    The pope thinks it’s ok to punch someone in the face for insulting you. This guy doesn’t even understand his own religion and will never get the non aggression principle. According to him there are limits in free speech….so gross.

  7. Ikefeen says:

    While looking for an app in the AppStore I happened upon an FDR app. Apparently that show has its own app, lol. It surely must have a donate button built in with a minimum amount of $2.00 allowed.

  8. dave w. says:

    millennium episode called “the mikado” is about a killer broadcasting his murders on the internet when the hit count on the website hits a number displayed on the screen

  9. Darwin Smith says:

    I watched Black Mirror about two weeks ago. it was some grim, grim stuff. Especially the one with the American Idol-style contest. It just… it was so wrong. Because in a tightly controlled society, I can see that as the only release the peons are permitted to have.

    Worms, guys. As always, awesome show.

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