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Michael Dean made this card. Jim Jesus had nothing to do with it.

Michael Dean made this card. Jim Jesus had nothing to do with it.

MK Lords and Davi Barker do some live radio with Michael W. Dean. Topics include: Reason magazine seemingly plagiarizing Jim Jesus’ very original Libertarians Against Humanity card deck without credit. (Yeah, we don’t believe in Intellectual Property, but it’s a dick move for those Beltway libertarians to make their “Minarchists Against Humanity” deck without mentioning Jim’s version in the magazine.)

Also discussed is the David Crowly & family death, and why it’s recommended to remain agnostic with opinons not backed by evidence. i.e. the value of not being absolutely sure of something no one can be absolutely sure of.

Also includes an experiment: some “behind the feens” banter between the commercials. You get to be a fly on our walls! It’s good teaching hospital workbook stuff.

Michael’s co-hosts’ audio came in over FeenPhone

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19 Responses to Libertarians Against Reason Magazine – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. cedesl0v says:

    Love getting break talk.

  2. Mav Feenman says:


    Thanks for recording and playing the inside baseball during the commercials on the podcast.
    I’m diggin it.


  3. Ikefeen says:

    I feel Something is not right an about this guy, I may be completely wrong but he is saying there is some hidden knowledge about setting up a corporation that gets you great loans without making you responsible for them but instead the corporation-or something like that. Would anyone mind checking it out, he was a guest on Anarchast:

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Jeff was also a huge early backer of the Thrive movement…which is so nutty it makes Scientology look logical.

    • Ikefeen says:

      Yea this dude poses with his Bentley and says “get this free money before the dollar collapses”, seems like wtf. E poses with his Bentley but he doesn’t sound like a businessman.

  4. Jcat says:

    I liked hearing the banter while the commercials are playing. I hope you include them in the podcast in the future.

  5. Gretchen says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a video before of a cop shooting a dog while it was on a catch pole. (for what that’s worth)

  6. Brandon Satoshi says:

    I just have to add that Davi’s joke about being a quarter French, but his German side keeps it locked up was really funny.

  7. John J. O'Sullivan™ says:

    I left a gentle “Hey, if you like this, try the real ‘Libertarians Against Humanity’ game here:” message.

    The only good thing about their totally ripping yous guys off was finding out about CardCast, which might be another nice place to put Libertarian Against Humanity calls and responses. I’ve started my own evil terrible deck here:

  8. feensicle have you done a show about breitbart, or the from FPS Russia YouTube channel? If so I’d love to listen to those, those are some more strange occurrences… The FPS more so than breitbart, but still both are relevant to this conversation I think… I could be wrong…

  9. Ben Stone says:

    I really enjoyed this show. I liked the insider stuff during the ad breaks.
    Reason; make no mistake, Nick Gillespie knows who we are. He has likely read this page, or will in the near future. Michael, next time we talk if you remind me I’ll tell you why I say Nick knows about us. For here in the public’s eye, I’ll just say Nick is a long time listener.
    On the David Crowley thing, I am 100% behind Michael on this. We don’t know what happened and will likely never know for sure. Any speculation about PTSD, or gun ownership, or family visiting every week, or anything else that besmirches David or his family is inappropriate, no matter who says it or what their reason may be.

  10. Jim Jesus says:

    FTR, I don’t mind that he did what he did and it really does seem he genuinely was unaware this existed. He sent me a private message this morning apologizing for the similarities and praised LAH.

  11. Mike Fleming says:

    Judge Nap does in fact say that he is an anarchist here.

    He qualifies it in that he thinks it needs to be a gradual process but sounds pretty emphatic to me.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      but he still has a pocket constitution! lol.

    • Lousander says:

      I have seen that video. It’s nice that he is openly embracing anarchy, but he is dead wrong that it will, or can, come about incrementally. How does he expect this to happen? Is he expecting government to legislate itself away? They don’t even reduce total spending let alone reduce the total size and scope of government.

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