JFK Was Killed By The Military Industrial Complex


Michael W. Dean and Jared Waltz field live calls from many Feens (Neema Vedadi is on vacation.) Hilarity ensues….minds and hearts are won.

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9 Responses to JFK Was Killed By The Military Industrial Complex

  1. Jimmald says:

    Hey, all I’m saying is you can be against gay marriage on a small-government (or no-government) basis, not because you’re a Santorum-faced religious fanatic who hates gays. Though liberals will claim otherwise.

  2. MichaelWDean says:

    Jimmald, the Freedom Feens comes with a money-back guarantee. And if you don’t what I say and how I say it, start your own podcast.


  3. Jimmald says:

    “And yes, gay marriage would, in a way, be more government intrusion.” – Yes, that is exactly my point. So at least let’s not expand the state, even though we can’t yet destroy it. I think you’re falling into the trap of being against WHATEVER “those bad people” are for, or vice versa. Like conservatives who are rabidly against ANY idea of climate change or alternative energy, just because those are things liberals are into.

  4. MichaelWDean says:

    Also, in last week’s cast, I pointed out the fallacy in expanded “government rights.” I said that ending “don’t ask don’t tell” was just letting more people die for the state.

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    It’s not really a contradiction, it’s incrementalism. Legalizing gay marriage would be a nice step. So would decriminalizing pot, lowering taxes and allowing shall-issue gun carry permits in every state.

    As a father of a kid who died of cancer, I’d rather people be able to get licensed, taxed pot than get thrown in a cage for having pot.

    But decriminalization and regulation and taxation of illegal things is not my ultimate goal. My ultimate goal is government out of marriage, guns, weed, and no taxes. My ultimate goal is no government. But I’d enjoy less government intrusion. And yes, gay marriage would, in a way, be more government intrusion. I guess I just think statists who are against gay marriage are so square as to be of a different species than us. Sometimes I speak in minarchist terms, because we live in a world with government, and some of our listeners aren’t full-on anarchist yet. But I’m an anarchist. But to ignore that there is government in the world is to live in a libertarian fantasy role-playing game.

  6. Jimmald says:

    MWD made a bizarrely self-contradictory statement: He wants to legalize gay marriage – BUT in the same breath, he wants the government to get out of marriage. C’mon, now, which one is it? To do the former is to enlarge the state and increase its control over an even larger set of people. To do the latter is the opposite. Make up your mind! Think about it!

  7. Steph says:

    Looking forward to the Cinderella-zation of Jared. (Birds flitting about him holding his AR-15.)

    Since working for the state has come up a couple times, other things to consider:

    1. If you are wondering about whether its moral, they will almost certainly replace you with someone who may well never question the morality of stomping on the serfs. In place, you might be able to at least blunt the oppression. Better than nothing.

    2. If you want to nudge statists towards liberty, you have to be around statists. The fact they know you to be a moral person will, at some point, make them try to reconcile the indoctrinated version of what an anarchist is with what they see with their own eyes. Who is he going to believe, his 8th grade civics teacher or his own lyin’ eyes?

    Fun cast, though I miss Neema.

  8. Kyle says:

    Black Metal Satanica was awesome. I’ve been into Black Metal for years and I still learned a lot.

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