Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi set a good example by crunching on yummy healthy food while bashing tyranny and celebrating liberty. They talk about Freedom Feens silver dime cards, Huxley and LSD, rifles of empire, Rockit by Herbie Hancock, starting a liberty radio station, the movies Enemy at the Gates, JFK, Black Metal Satanica, and Gattaca. They explain why a citizen sniper revolution wouldn’t work and why the Feens wouldn’t want it to. They talk about NPR and Clear Channel’s statism, Stacy Litz, snitches, how the government proved that Silk Road works.

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  1. Paul Bonneau says:

    Guys, you should put something on those dime cards that says, “This dime has FDR’s visage on it. He was a freedom-hating fascist. The picture is crap but the metal is good.” Or something to that effect.

    I’m more old-school about rifles and snipers. To me the two great freedom tools are firearms and the Internet. Just like a pistol, a sniper rifle can be used for good or bad. That doesn’t mean they are inherently bad. If (when?) a revolution breaks out, I think we will be thankful that among us there are people who know how to make a shot. Anyway if you guys would set aside those commie Mosins and got yourselves good American scoped deer rifles, like a Savage, you’d be able to hit a lot better at range. 😉

    Guys, I’d like to hear you talk about “freedom escapes” on some podcast, like this:
    or like L. Neil Smith’s novel “Pallas” (highly recommended).

  2. Hesperus says:

    You guys need to stop selling jenkum and focus on all the good things the government does for us like policemen, trees and sunshine.

    Does that sound enough like a statist that I will escape the central scrutinizers?

    I also wanted to say that under the 1986 firearms owners protection act that if you transport your weapon unloaded in a locked box that the cops can’t hassle you. I have traveled through northern caligula, oops I meant California with an AK with fully loaded “assault Clipz” and I had no troubles. Heck at one point I was driving through a forest with no headlights on in bright moonlight (I have freakishly good night vision). Don’t get caught and don’t let them catch you with anything actually illegal.

    Oh I also wanted to mention I recently saw a fascinating thing on the history channel about weird weapons. There were 2 cat related weapons, a cat guided aerial bomb, similar to the pigeon guided bomb talked about earlier that worked on the brilliant concept that cats don’t like water. And the cybernetic kitty, a cat rigged up with a listening device by the CIA to listen to Russian government officials in parks.

    Needless to say neither idea worked and I don’t even think the kitty bomb made it off the drawing board.

  3. Michigan Escapee says:

    Gattaca is hilarious, genetic perfection is a perfect way to make people
    unmotivated and lazy. It would be like a world full of spoiled rich kids who
    never had to work hard to get something they wanted. They would all
    degenerate into a bunch of basement dwellers doing bong hits and arguing
    about Kubrick films. Still, I think they should totally do it when they have the
    means, just for yucks. 😉

    The finish sniper was Simo Häyhä, a double umlat name, totally metal. 😀
    505 confirmed kills using the Finn M/28. He had to use a shorter rifle because
    he was 5’3″ .

    Still, old tech. These days I wouldn’t worry about guys with rifles. I tend to worry about
    all the avon/mary k bimbos running around with vials of botox. Once their little pea
    brains absorb the fact that you can soak a ceramic BB with the stuff, or use it for
    other types of covert assassinations, they might well take over the world. 😮

    Don’t get little Muffy angry, she’s on her 12th ex husband this year! lol.

  4. PhillipC says:

    The Mosin-Nagant was replaced by the SVD Dragunov, which pretty much fired the same round (7.62x54R).

  5. Emberlea says:

    Lol, you guys are awesome! I loved the bit about Stacy Litz and Ian Freeman! But my favorite line comes from Michael: I am not going to PorcFest, I am Porcfest! I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Love the show, keep it up!

  6. MichaelWDean says:

    Not chips, just VERY crunchy veggies.

    Ernie Hancock asked me this morning if we wanted to do a video interview, “Let’s do audio only. I’m not too pretty first thing in the morning.”

  7. Kyle says:

    Sounded a bit like you were eating chips at first. I guess we will have to take your word on it. Makes me think how awesome a video cast would be from you guys.

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