Derrick J and Randy England discuss the Law


copsDerrick J and Randy England, (NOT pictured above) are two cats who know the law from both sides, and tell you how it is.

When can police ask for ID is a tricky topic. I look forward to talking about that one. Also, I was in court this week for a hearing where I saw the Justice system do its clunky job. Here’s the article on that.
Also, have you heard about this Vergara Decision? Seems to effect school choice pretty significantly as teachers can now be fired. I guess tenure doesn’t mean anything? Good! And why is there even the issue of “School choice”. We don’t talk about “food choice” here in the USA, but isn’t food more essential than education?
It’s Superbowl Sunday, so we might as well discuss how the event impacts taxpayers

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  1. Mike Fleming says:

    That thing about the superbowl being gay cracked me up. I just had an image of it being explained to a group of sports fans and seeing the look on their faces. lol

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