The War Prayer


Neema Vedadi gives a stirring reading of Mark Twain’s “The War Prayer.” But first, Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the joys of being Gun-Toting Pacifists. They also discuss statist dildo Nick Hanauer’s crappy TED Talk, gear whoring with the new Asus computer, editing liberty media in Adobe Premiere and tips for outputting to DVD in Adobe Encore, starting a liberty radio station, getting liberty media on public access television, where MASH was filmed, how the Korean war is still going on, Internet in North Korea, the stupidity of relying on a constitution, practicing law without a degree in China, barefoot lawyers, the state as highwaymen, working on three computers at once, walled garden internet communities, authoring a DVD while podcasting, fortunate sons, Processed World Magazine, AdBusters, Fight Club, and how to make a living doing liberty media.


ASUS CM6870-US-3AB Desktop PC Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit (Michael’s new computer)

A note on my comment in this episode about USB 3.0: I’m finding USB 3.0’s real-world speed 1.5 x to 2 x the speed of USB 2.0…..I GUESS that’s within the claimed “UP TO ten times faster.”

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8 Responses to The War Prayer

  1. David Crowe says:

    btw, I just ordered my 1st VS Starter Kit today. Hope Customs lets it through. 😀

  2. MichaelWDean says:

    Yeah. It’s like the Whitehouse website if they threw all pretext of “for the people” out the window.

  3. Hesperus says:

    Just looked at the official PRK website, ah hahahahaha ha HA!

  4. Hesperus says:

    This is the opposite of the war prayer in my opinion
    Man’s highest joy is in victory: to conquer one’s enemies, to pursue them, to deprive them of their possessions, to make their beloved weep, to ride their horses, and to embrace their wives and daughters.
    – Genghis Khan.  

    Yep, Neema hit the nail on the head with his comments on how socialists think, in russia after the revolution workers were told to refuse all tips because “we are all adequately paid.” In fact people still don’t tip in New Zealand for the reasons he rattled off. I quite like the no tipping thing, it’s not so much the money that gets me it’s the social awkwardness.

    And the sinking of the Lusitania was a false flag op, but not in the way you might think. It was a military vessel, classified as a light cruiser loaded with military ordnance. Sunk by a German sub, sinking much quicker than the Germans expected. It sailed under civilian colors and carried civilian passengers. That is what false flag means, sailing a ship under someone else’s flag

  5. MichaelWDean says:




  6. Nikki Darling says:

    “Statist dildo”. That is all.

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    If you download this and have already heard it, two weeks ago, this one was pre-recorded (because Neema’s moving this week) and I mistakenly released this for six hours under the “Free Jillian” episode. I realized and fixed it that night, June 13.

    So if you’ve heard this one, you probably haven’t heard the proper Free Jillian episode, you can get that here:


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