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Libertarian SociopathyDavi Barker and Michael W. Dean explain why “the insane have always loved liberty.” They also have an extended “on writing” discussion about why successful artists like having an editor.

And they explain why blog posts and link bait are just chalk on the sidewalk, waiting for the rain. HITS = How Idiots Measure Success.

Davi is connecting to Michael via FeenPhone. And it sounds DAMN good.

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  1. Even president Obama, a very likely sociopath, with his wife Michelle encourages empathetic reasoning in their children. Remember the story which had conservatives freaking out at the Obama’s teaching their children how to empathize with a low wage worker?
    There are different, distinct types of empathy. And the less of a delusional sense of self importance one has (a common trait it seems among the “crazy”) the more a sociopath may be able to utilize that of a certain type. The empathy deficit of a sociopath is in “Affective empathy” but not necessarily in “Cognitive empathy” which includes “perspective taking”. This may be part of what allows a psychopath who so wishes to easily manipulate others emotions.
    One might imagine a group who have deficits in “affective empathy” but nevertheless each member can easily recognize “coercion” and “exploitation”. As each member seeks to avoid control in these forms by another, they essentially create a libertarian norm. I can speculate however that this balance will not last long with sociopaths as I might speculate that profit seeking over egalitarianism can not maintain a balanced free market over time.

  2. Brian A. says:


    You mentioned not knowing anyone who speaks Spanish. I don’t know if you got it taken care of, but I read/speak Spanish if you need something checked out in the future.

  3. ikefeen says:

    John Mcafee – the real deal, don’t know if you’ve heard about him but he’s a pretty famous libertarian(in the anarchist sense of the word)

    – developed mcaffe software
    – hacked the belize gubmint because they tried to extort him
    – dodged their attempts to kill him
    – developed anti-nsa software
    – carries gun(s) 24/7 including automatic
    – body armor car
    – anarchist
    – Pro bitcoin
    – Anti IP

    One of the coolest dudes ever.

  4. Gretchen says:

    I once recorder my mouse clicks for a week. (I am also a Graphic Designer). Horrifying indeed. I clicked an average of 800 clicks/day (an 8 hr day).

    *Not only is “everyone” a writer and designer, they’re also photographers. :}

  5. Halsingen says:

    Isn’t it rather easy to get ostracized? What about the objectivists, the conflict between the Mises Institute and Cato etc?

    In this famous case for example that was close to home for me, I think it was good that we were intolerant:

    • MichaelWDean says:

      worms. That guy is worth dumping under the bus.

      There wasn’t an internet then for the world to look for “warning signs”, I wonder if his friends saw them?


      • Halsingen says:

        We had already back then a mailing list on the internet for libertarian activists.

        AFAIK there arose long before a split when he and his friends wanted to focus more on the night club/partying activism and wasn’t content with the libertarian laissez-faire attitude towards drugs, but wanted us to advocate/glorify drug use.

  6. Nathan says:

    Ah I suspected as much, thanks for answering my question sir. I like old songs but sometimes have to suspend statism to listen to them.

    Davi: I think I emailed you back when you asked for clarification. But the reason I got discouraged is MWD cc’d the Cantwell meme of his website down to you and I didn’t see it make it to the site or to the blog. If it’s ok I’ll send ya another meme idea sometime.

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