An attorney’s opinion on “Better Call Saul”, part 3 – Freedom Feens radio


Saul Goodman is the master who makes the grass greenAttorney Randy England esq. talks with Michael W. Dean and Davi Barker about their mutual favorite new show, Better Call Saul. Topics include: are legal issues accurate in the show?, is there a coming conspiratorial aspect, is the show a condemnation of the judicial system, which characters will return from Breaking Bad, and did Mike really die in Breaking Bad, plus much more.

Co-hosts on this show recorded over FeenPhone.

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12 Responses to An attorney’s opinion on “Better Call Saul”, part 3 – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Ikefeen says:

    Don’t forget about walking dead guys, it’s also one of the best shows on tv. I love to watch better call Saul too though.

  2. Ben Stone says:

    So here’s a thought; if any Feens fan is a Reddit user, a link on their Better Call Saul Reddit page would be cool.
    Same with any Better Call Saul discussion threads on forums and other locations like Facebook and so on. Just mention that the Feens are talking about the show every week and have an actual criminal attorney on the show discussing each episode of Better Call Saul.


  3. Sean DuVally says:

    I was going to see if I could find a Better Call Saul fan podcast but now I don’t need to. I was listening to one already.

  4. Rick says:


    If Mike waded across the Rio Grande in Albuquerque . . . he would still be in Albuquerque, not Mexico!


    P.S. I love BCS, too. And FF, of course.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      How far would he be from Mexico? I wouldn’t be surprised if Mike knows people he could call who would send a helicopter.


      • Rick says:

        ABQ is in central New Mexico, about four hours from the border.

        For those who don’t know, Mike was an accidental character, created because Bob Odenkirk was working on “How I Met Your Mother” during the week they shot the scene the week after Jane The Meth Hottie died.

        Gilligan & Co. realized they had a gem, and wrote Mike into the rest of the show.

        I do think Mike is dead, and at least one of the reasons BCS is a prequel to BB.

  5. Ben Stone says:

    I came here for the zombie Reagan picture and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.


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