Donk Down Radio Redemption – Freedom Feens



Derrick J and Chandler St. Pierre discuss Bitcoin Poker Man Bryan Micon Raided at Gunpoint and 10 Differences Between Children Who Grew Up in 70s vs Meow.

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4 Responses to Donk Down Radio Redemption – Freedom Feens

  1. Great show but I could hear Derek echoing back through Chandler’s headphones…

    • MichaelWDean says:

      I know. Chandler is on notice about this.

      • It’s probably not too noticeable on radio, but earphones or ear buds and podcast it’s just slightly distracting, I know you guys are still building those roads, so it’s not a complaint at all just thought I’d point it out, wasn’t sure if I was the only one hearing it or not…

        • MichaelWDean says:

          I spent an hour bitching at Chandler about this. He’s on Feen probation about it. Don’t worry about me not being “on it” with this…..shitty audio hurts me even more than it hurts you.


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