They took our jobs! – Freedom Feens radio


30554New Feens Co-host  Hugo González sneaks across the Internet borders from Mexico (via FeenPhone) to try to steal radio jobs from hard-working patriotic American conservative talk show hosts MK Lords and Michael W. Dean. Lombrices!

Topics include The Oscars, patriotism, film, AnCaps, libertarianism, voluntarism, minarchists, why audio media is better than video media, and why Michael is glad cell phone cameras didn’t exist while he was out sewing his wild oats back in the good ole days of sex, drugs and punk rock.

“I have no problem with small-gov libertarians. They’re just AnCaps who haven’t yet left the larval stage .” – Freedom Feens.

Co-hosts on this show recorded over FeenPhone.

Indiegogo for FeenPhone

BipCot No-Government License: website, 30-second video.

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2 Responses to They took our jobs! – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Ikefeen says:

    Excellent job Hugo, you are good enough to be a regular cohost imo. Good luck with your show!!!

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