An attorney’s opinion on “Better Call Saul”, part 4 – Freedom Feens radio


saul-billboardAttorney Randy England esq. talks with Michael W. Dean and Davi Barker about their mutual favorite new show, Better Call Saul. Topics include: what exactly is Saul guilty of?, what’s up with Kim?, is Jimmy playing chess while Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill is playing Chess?, and will Wendy and Badger settle down and get married any time soon? Also: 3-act format in episodic media explained, and is it “Bitcoin” or “bitcoins”?


Co-hosts on this show recorded over the new version of FeenPhone.

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  1. Neema says:

    Love Saul! Can’t wait to hear ya’lls take. I’ll have plenty of time on my long Mexico City layover

  2. Edward Feenman says:

    In my hood, a nacho was a thief. Nacho cheese, not your cheese… Not your cash.
    Seems to be universal in, but they have no idea what you are talking about in

    And Mr Dean, sense you refuse to check your g+ I’m going to call you out here.
    Spartacus, the only liberty minded TV show in the last 20 years, is now on Netflix. Yes we are all just in love with Saul, but he isn’t freeing the slaves. If I have to listen to the TV guide of liberty daily radio show… Get on the good stuff man.

    Yeah I’m just bitching…

    • Edward Feenman says:

      Oh and just a heads up, don’t ever suggest feenphone to Jan Irving of gnostic media, he gets a little butt hurt.
      He also wants me to tell everyone hello for him, he’s convinced I’m somehow connected to you guys because of the Feenman name.

      He’s also convinced I was trying to sell something… I don’t get it.


    • MichaelWDean says:

      “In my hood, a nacho was a thief.”
      ah, nice. Another inside joke, like
      S’all good, man~!

      Wonder if there will be a Sancho. That’s prison slang for “the guy fucking your woman while you’re in here.” (if you’re Mexican. If you’re white, it’s Jody.)

      As for G+, are you complaining that I’m not using my social networks to your satisfaction? That’s fucking stupid. I’m busy building the audio roads. I don’t have time to click Like on cat pix and forward info on “what Obama did to you today.” Sheesh.


      • Edward Feenman says:

        I love that ring tone. When ever I’m stuck inline behind someone counting change for their 40oz. I play ”look what Obama did to you today.”
        Its amazing I’ve yet to be shot.

      • Edward Feenman says:

        I always thought you liked my kitty pictures. See if I share my puss puss with you again.
        No but really, I’m going to nanny state you until you watch the first season of Spartacus. I’m doing this for you sir.

        Honestly it should be the AnCap TV series of choice.
        Hell get Buppert to watch it. He probably knows the history inside and out, he can tell us all the reasons its completely wrong, yet absolutely enjoyable.
        Violence, nudity, and slaves fighting back. Its everything a growing boy needs.

  3. Rick says:

    Re: the nickname “Nacho”: it’s short for Ignacio, the character’s given name.

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  5. Ben Stone says:

    Sorry to spam the site, but I wanted to add this:
    Space Blankets are made of Mylar, brand name for BoPET.
    The reason for a Mylar blanket is to block the microwaves that Jimmy’s brother is afraid of. Thus the fear of the portable phones.
    BoPET blocks microwaves while converting the waves into heat. So if someone aims a microwave beam at you while you are wrapped in a Mylar blanket, it would quickly let you know by getting hot very quickly.
    For more info Wiki; BoPET
    For info on microwaves as weapons, Google; Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons and select the Wired story.
    Or Google NGIC-1147-101-98 for the actual document.


  6. Ben Stone says:

    I really enjoyed the show guys! Great job Randy, Davi, and Michael!

    The Old Fiddle:
    The word “con-man” and even the word “con” comes from “confidence”.
    A thief is a thief is a thief, but a good confidence man will never feel like he’s a thief. A good confidence man may even brag that he has never stolen a thing in his life. This is part of his persona and is part of the reason he takes such pride in his work.
    A good confidence man will shun violence and may even choose to always remain unarmed. There are several advantages to this for the confidence man. He will always be willing to “show his pockets” either to his “mark” or if a cop gets involved. The confidence man must always be prepared to let his mark walk away with the bait. That’s not always a bad thing. In some cases, letting the mark walk away with the bait can set up a bigger “sting”.
    The key to a good confidence “game” (again, notice the terminology) is in choosing the mark. The mark needs to be a kind person, with a slight character flaw. The con-man will appeal to the mark’s kindness while exploiting the flaw. In a proper game, the flaw of the mark will morally justify the con-man in taking the mark’s goods. This serves two purposes; first it helps the con-man feel good about what he does to the mark, and second it will prevent the mark from going to the cops to report the loss.

    So the heart of any confidence game is in a combination of the loyalty or kindness of the mark played against the possibility of the mark making a quick profit with little or no risk.

    Step one in any good con game is to carefully choose the mark. This step is more important than any other part of the confidence game. All other conditions can remain flexible, but the choice of the mark is always critical. This step is rarely shown on film, as it is long and boring. It involves research and observations, and may take days or weeks on even a simple con game. But the last thing the con-man wants to happen is that the mark behaves in an unpredictable way.

    Selecting the mark is the art of the confidence game. The better the selection of the mark, the better the confidence man is at the game.

    Now specifics to Better Call Saul; we don’t see how much time Jimmy (Saul) spent with the mark. It must have been all night, as Jimmy would have had to know that the mark had enough money to be worth the effort, had a sense of fairness, and was not given to violence.
    The fat man HAD to talk. By acting like a drunken jerk, the fat man demonized himself to the mark. In other words, he deserved to lose the money in his wallet. And with the fat man’s threats, he justified Jimmy taking his watch. Other wise Jimmy took the chance of the mark suggesting they call a cab, return the wallet and sending the fat man home. The last thing Jimmy wanted was for the mark to feel sorry for the fat man.

    *Side note here.
    The watch comes into camera very early in the confrontation with the fat man. The director placed that object in the mind of the viewer long before it became obvious. The writers/producers know that people notice wrist jewelry on a subconscious level. Knowing this, I have sunned wrist jewelry since I was a teen. (long side story)

    Jimmy allowed the mark to hold the cash. This is standard operating procedure. Remember, the mark needs to feel he is in control, making all the decisions. Confident.
    Jimmy willingly handed the watch to the mark. The reason Jimmy did this was because the mark was well chosen. Jimmy was playing the marks confidence and honesty. Jimmy had him hooked by that point.

    The thing that strikes me is how well the directors and writers know how cons work.
    Do they have writing classes on this stuff?


    • Rick says:

      Wow, Ben, that is an informative post. Thank you!

      Gilligan has a top writing team, who no doubt did the necessary research. Or maybe they just watched House of Games and The Spanish Prisoner.

    • Rick says:

      I didn’t notice this as I was watching the episode (I have a relatively small TV) but the fat man shill’s Illinois ID was issued to Henry Gondorff, the name of the Paul Newman character in The Sting.

  7. Ikefeen says:

    Really enjoyed Randy talking about BCS, great idea for a show.

    What is the APP called that had private text messaging for mobile? Is it telegraph or telegram? There are two.

    With regard to Walking Dead…EAT THAT APPLE SAUCE!! I would have made him eat it too.

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