50 Shades of Brains – Freedom Feens radio


BrainsDavi Barker and Michael W. Dean have a laid-back yet spirited show about Libertarians Against Humanity, and hacking “MUH ROADS!”

Davi Barker connected to MWD via FeenPhone

“LA Song” by that band Deconstruction

Tutorial for FeenPhone’s Cough Button, FeenBook (phone book) Audio Notifications and Call Clock

FeenPhone Indiegogo

1-minute video FeenPhone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf03O2l1zWE

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  2. Philosofeen says:

    Speaking of asexuals, I am one. Most of us still feel emotional/romantic attraction (for example, I’m a guy and I like girls, so I’m heteroromantic) and we can still find people to be good looking/physically attractive, we just don’t have any desire to have sex with anyone.

    Also (since this is my first comment, I just wanted to say), you guys are awesome!

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