Dalai Lama says Fuck it


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the time Neema heard the Dalai Lama say “fuck it” while speaking to a crowed. They discuss false-flag operations and the government’s attempts to regulate and censor the Internet, Alex Jones and his silly “Cremation of Care” theories, Air Force Osprey crashes at Florida base, injures five, was the Revolutionary War ethical?, Helios Creed, musicians on welfare and SSI, Mumble being more secure than Skype, “We won’t cum in you, baby”, the Anti-Nowhere League, Helios Creed, Romney in drag as a cop, the Ex-Patriot Act, MSNBC lying with their editing, and what to do when the Schumer hits the fan.

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  2. Hesperus says:

    Yeah, subdued is a better word for the tone of the cast.

  3. Hesperus says:

    Just finished with the cast, it sounded oddly subdued. Its hard to describe but you guys sounded almost depressed, or perhaps like you were talking softly because a drone was walking around outside. 

    I also wanted to say about bohemian grove, if that seems like a corporate team building exercise to you guys then corporate America is even more [expletive deleted] than I thought. When I brought up the subject of mock human sacrifice at a LMS course during a lunch break my instructor freaked out. 

    The best summation I have heard on the bohemian grove is by this legendary statist.

    “The Bohemian Grove, that I attend from time to time—the Easterners and the others come there—but it is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine, that San Francisco crowd that goes in there; it’s just terrible! I mean I won’t shake hands with anybody from San Francisco.”—President Richard M. Nixon on the Watergate tapes, Bohemian Club member starting in 1953.

    Although my opinion towards San Franciscans has softened a bit lately.

    And for the record I detest dams, and I understand that they are knocking dams down all over the country. Though it can have unintended consequences, I understand they knocked out a dam in Phoenix Aridzona and the stream they restored got so many tourists and day trippers that environmental damage was a lot worse. 

    Harry Reid is so square? tell me about it, I would love it if both him and Chucky Shumer just left to go farm kelp in the south Atlantic and took all their friends and coworkers with them, hmmm, might be a story idea there.    

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Subdued but not depressed. I’d JUST woken up, usually I’m up a few hours before we cast, at least. And I’d set my alarm to get up to work with Neema’s travel schedule. I probably wake up to an alarm five days a year.

      Neema was basically on vacation, probably drinking cocktails by his dad’s pool in the Utah heat. No drones in site.


  4. MichaelWDean says:

    Good stuff, Paul (as usual). Bookmarked Deacons for future cast.


  5. Paul Bonneau says:

    Keith Goodenough introduced a medical marijuana bill when he was in the Senate, if I’m not mistaken. He also was just behind Cale Case in support of liberty in 2004 in the Wyoming Liberty Index. He’s a (relatively) good guy, from what I know of him anyway.

    “Taxation without representation”… That always mystified me because in our modern day, we have representation and taxes up the ying-yang. What kind of revolutionary complaint is that? Well, after reading Rothbard’s history “Conceived in Liberty”, it now makes sense. Back in those days it was long established in English tradition that the Assembly had the power of the purse. The Assembly was not so much captured by the crony/plundering classes as Congress is now because that crowd was the Tories back in England. The Assembly did keep taxes down pretty well and even controlled the royal Governor’s salary which tended to tame him! So back then, it really did make sense to make the objection, “no taxation without representation”. That was a practical way to keep taxes low.

    Rothbard’s book is highly recommended by the way. Amazing to read history by someone who actually loved liberty. Throw all your other history books away!

    MLK & guns – You might be interested in this article about the Deacons:

    No anonymity – I once got in an argument with some old rancher from Wheatland or somewhere down there. I was calling him a welfare queen since he took government money and he didn’t like it. He said it was easy to call names on the internet, so I posted my address on the forum and told him to visit me. About 2 days later I heard a knock on my door. I was just out of the shower in a robe, I looked out the window, and saw some old cowboy walking away (he must have just knocked and turned around and left). I let him go. What an idiot.

    Dams – Bill Cody Dam (W of Cody), built in 1910 was the tallest dam in the world at that time. It’s where our Deaver farm got water from. Read the book “Cadillac Desert” by the way, you will end up not so impressed by government involvement with water projects.

    Decendents – I understand Ghengis Khan had more decendents than anybody. Wonder why…

  6. Hesperus says:

    Well, so much for that.
    Just checked the location for the free state Wyoming jamboree, I ain’t crossing the entirety of Wyoming without a set of wings.

    There is a book called the secret team that talks about the Nepalese involvement with the CIA, haven’t got to that part of it though.

  7. Jimmald says:

    Here’s a Youtube video saying the Dalai Lama is a CIA operative. Apparently it’s all true. At any rate, I lost any possible respect for the Dalai when he said last year that “Communism is a more moral system than Capitalism”. Of course, by capitalism, he meany fascist crony capitalism, but the bottom line is, this guy is NOT a font of wisdom. At any rate, I stopped listening to him right there. Fuck it.

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