Magic Words to keep away the State – Freedom Feens radio



Randy England esq, Michael W. Dean and Jim Jesus discuss the lunacy of people who think that they can use magic words to stop tyranny. Also discussed is Young-Earth Creationism.

Also discussed is Better Call Saul.

Hosts connected via FeenPhone.

Jim Jesus and MWD came up with a good term for Sovereign Citizens: Attorney at lol.

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6 Responses to Magic Words to keep away the State – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Nathan says:

    Patch update 1.0 for LoL, or Libertarians Online, the new Massively Multiplayer Online game:

    Bug fixes:
    -Fixed an issue where the FCC was failing to regulate all speech on the internet.
    -Feen photos should no longer sometimes display your alternate wrestling name on a second line.

    New Character Models:
    -Character models for Chris Cantwell have been overhauled with an increase to fidelity and texture resolution; while retaining the core hubris and vitriol of the originals.

    New class available:
    -Attorney at Lol, with all new abilities like Quote Black’s Law Dictionary, Invoke Gold Fringed Flag, and Win Your Trial by Admitting Guilt on the First Day.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      Should add a dial to pick Cantwell’s weight – from massive to speed-freak thin.

      And add some aspects of the MMOG “The Castle Doctrine”:

      But instead of protecting your money and family in a secured house, you’re broke, single and live in a studio apartment. And the goal is protecting piles of paper clips. And players have the ability to buy more digital paper clips on the game’s website with Dodgecoin.

      And an alternate universe setting where Stefan Molyneux is the Prime Minister of the superstate of Canada/United States/Mexico, Marc Stevens is his equivalent of Attorney General (but his job title is “Attorney at LOL”), and Jeff Berwick is in charge of the military. And that Bork guy from “The Red Amendment” still has only three followers on Twitter.

      That module would also have the ability for players to release swarms of steerable mosquitoes that are all high on DMT. And players can buy more tripping digital mosquitoes on the game’s website with Dodgecoin.


      • Nathan says:

        Haha, great! I was envisioning a 100-story tower designed by expert marksman Neema Vedadi with a boss on each level. Weed is in the game-stores and every boss has a different model gun/sword/treasure. But if you buy the fake weed you’ll trip!

        Somehow I envision the key to beat the Cantwell level being to get him to muzzle sweep his orcish minions attacking you…

  2. MichaelWDean says:


    It takes a village to replace Neema Vedadi.


  3. Ben Stone says:

    I enjoyed the show. Jim did really well and I always enjoy hearing Randy.
    The Feens are getting better every week.


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