Is it a violation of the non-aggression principle to punch someone in the face for being a jerk, and does it matter? – Freedom Feens radio


CatHitsDogDavi Barker, Michael W. Dean and Dan Greene discuss the stupidity of “how many libertarians can dance on the head of a pin?” And why The Non-Aggression Principle is not statutory law, it’s customary law.

Also, Davi and Michael introduce the idea of selling libertarian indulgences, and they trademark and patent the idea on air. lolz.

Hosts talked over FeenPhone.

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9 Responses to Is it a violation of the non-aggression principle to punch someone in the face for being a jerk, and does it matter? – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Edward Feenman says:

    I would like to nominate Jeremy Clarkson of top gear as the liberty bouncer.
    He hates the roads system and bureaucracy of the UK. He is pro-gun. He is quick to throw a punch, he has already punched Pierce Morgan. And looks like he might be suddenly unemployed.

    N.a.p. a side, we all have wanted to punch Pierce Morgan.
    Some people envy Clarkson for being able to drive the worlds greatest cars, on a private track for a pay check, I envy him for getting to knock that wanker on his ass.

  2. Ben Stone says:

    First let me say that the MWD/Davi/Dan combo was magic.
    The Feens are getting better and better, but this show was stellar.
    In true Feens tradition, the jokes and obscure references were flying like lead at a Knob Creek open fire call.

    Nathan has a great idea with the massively multiplayer game “LoL”.
    In the game, Michael Dean is the pope and can issue indulgences. (there is already a Pope Michael so MWD can be Pope Dean I)
    Davi is Cardinal Richelieu and cannot issue indulgences but can issue a carte blanche (a badge that allows otherwise forbidden behavior, see Three Musketeers).
    I would be The Mad Monk, Rasputin. Stabbed, shot, poisoned, discredited, and with questionable theological credentials.

    Liberty Bouncers:
    I have extensive experience and will volunteer for such activity.

    Statutory Law/Customary Law applied to the NAP/ZAP
    This is the essence of my “no law should be in text, and no scripture should be in text” argument.
    See my attack on the “King James Bible”

    …anyway, I really enjoyed the show.


    • MichaelWDean says:

      Such kind words Ben. Thank you.

      As for liberty bouncer, I’ll issue you the second-ever Feens indulgence. Bless you my son, for you may sin.


    • MichaelWDean says:

      Ben, I can’t say who got the first-ever Feens indulgence. But I will say they’re in NH. And they requested it for a specific task.

  3. Nathan says:

    Check out the new online massively multiplayer game LoL, or Libertarians Online, the new game for libertarians. Customize your character’s stats and racial identity, or choose from predefined roles such as:

    *Liberty Social Justice Warrior
    *Beltway Small-Government Libertarian
    *Priest of Therapy Healing
    *Prepper Survivalist Warrior

    In the default mode you argue with you friends on the internet in PvP mode, also known as the facebeefs. Ally for team arguments which go nowhere. Learn about magic spells you can say in courtrooms which only have effect in-game. Order cans of sweet corn and beans from our in-game store.

    You can also pay an additional monthly subscription in bitcoin for our new expansion packs, including

    *Every Accusation from a Liberal is a Confession: Projection
    *The Coming of Cantwell: Cataclysm
    *Mysts of Guns and Weed: Kittyfeet

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