The Show with First-Ever Caller on FeenPhone – Freedom Feens radio archive


DontExposeEvilDavi Barker and Michael W. Dean struggle through being sick, and through technical difficulties, and still do an OK show.  Nathan the Ninja Squirrel helps out and in the process becomes the first-ever caller to a radio show using FeenPhone. Watson! Come here! I need you!

Topics include Walking Dead, the Ubuntu font family, how cool lights-out factories are, and why you should support

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10 Responses to The Show with First-Ever Caller on FeenPhone – Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. catness says:

    MWD and Davi:

    Even sick and with tech issues, you guys still put on a better show than most.

  2. Nathan says:

    It was an honor to be the Watson for the first ever feen phone call-in show! The performance was beyond all my expectations. Worms!

  3. John J. O'Sullivan™ says:

    And as a P.S., they opened last year, changing their name back to “Action Park.” But they’re not fooling me—that place is too safe for my tastes! NO DEATH, NO GLORY, NO RECREATION.

  4. John J. O'Sullivan™ says:

    I was brought up in West Milford, NJ—just about 25-30 minutes away from Action Park. We used to call it “Accident Park,” as it was a North Jersey rite of passage to be injured there.

    Although it’s true that quite a few people died there (usually in the wave pool), the main attraction for self-harm was the alpine slide. It was a concrete sled on the side of a mountain. It was very easy to scrape your arm on the track while going 50 mph on a shitty plastic sled. You aren’t a man if you grew up in the area and don’t have the “track rash” to prove it.

    The water on all the rides was a toasty and tasty 0° Kelvin. There was a “Tarzan” area where you could jump off cliffs, rope pulls, and the like. The water was so cold that you thought you were going to jump out of the water like a Warner Brothers cartoon and run across the surface. And what did you do? You got out, went back on the rope swing, AND JUMPED IN AGAIN BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU DO.

    Oh, and the help. The lovely, lovely help. Most of them were teens or 20-somethings with no future on the horizon. They were all either high, drunk, or both high and drunk. They were there ostensibly for safety, but usually they just didn’t give a shit. It looked like most of them were trying to hook up for sex or drugs (or both).


    It was one of the first things you saw when you went into the park. It was like some crazy uncle’s hare-brained contraption. It was never open because it violated the laws of physics.

    And yes, eventually, Action Park was uninsurable and eventually went out of business during the summers. A Canadian interest bought the ski and water resort and renamed it into “Mountain Creek.” They made the rides not potentially lethal. Which kind of ruined some of the charm. You went into Action Park with the clear possibility of being brought out on a stretcher. Hence the glory of the place.

    I could talk about Action Park forever. It was magical. Would such a thing exist in LibPar? I certainly hope so.


  5. Ben Stone says:

    I’ll just drop this here for no particular reason whatsoever.


  6. Rick says:

    Freudian slip? *serve* its customers, not *sever*

  7. Rick says:

    I shudder to think about how many different lists I must be on! Donating to and posting comments here are just two of them.

    Not sure how much AWC was making from Adsense. Probably not a lot. But every little bit helps in their case, especially when it routinely takes them 5-6 weeks to meet their quarterly fundraising target.

    I don’t think I’m edging into Conspiracy Theory Territory by thinking Google has become a useful tool — if not an outright front — for the USG, despite 99.5% of the populace believing it’s a wonderful, private company that exists to sever its customers.

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