Small States, Big Government


voting for lasersLousander Feen, Michael W. Dean and Jim Jesus talk about former abusement park / LibPar Action Park and a whole bunch of other fun things.

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12 Responses to Small States, Big Government

  1. Gretchen says:

    I would like to claim ownership of the term, “facebeast.” :}

  2. dave w. says:

    Vinyl does not have better dynamics, anybody who says so does not understand the RIAA equalization curve and why low frequencies are attenuated/compressed when the master is cut and why the low frequencies need to be boosted during playback. The width of the record groove and the limitations of needle movement demand that the sound be compressed then expanded on playback. How can an archaic technology that alters the sound on recording then alters it again on playback sound better, this doesn’t happen with digital recording. Anybody who thinks vinyl sounds better should listen to an mp3 or CD or better yet a 24bit FLAC recording through a Class A tube amp and good speakers. The perceived superior sound of vinyl is more an artifact of the vinyl compression which lowers the dynamics of the sound down to levels the human ear finds more pleasing. Something that tube amps do to inherently to all sound sources.

  3. Nathan says:

    Berwick always came across to me as an eccentric millionaire type who might do things like cover up mirrors in his hotel room or only eat vegetarian food plus fish. But it’s very hard to make judgments about people from just seeing them talk for 5 minutes.

    The thing with situations like Galt’s Gulch, and this reminds me of the guy who told MIchael to go away and never talk to him again, is I wonder what the restitution means in that situation. Is restitution just a practical matter of returning all the money? Or does Berwick also never be a financial advisor again to really make up for it?

  4. Rick says:


    Congrats on kicking the vape habit. One thing about it I will miss is hearing your occasional “laughing exhalation.”

  5. Brandon Satoshi says:

    He did say that there is a good chance that Berwick’s wife probably is not his real wife nor his kids are really his. He also did confirm that Berwick was bouncing around to various woman during that time trying to get laid

  6. Brandon Satoshi says:

    Berwick is a bloody tool. Ernest Hancock had some interesting things to say about him at the Bitcoin Summit

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