Share torrents of every episode of Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker podcast! + classic Freedom Feens


Derrick J is taking the night off. So we have a classic Feens with Neema Vedadi  from Sept 2011 (“WALK SOFTLY AND CARRY A GUN”) on the podcast tonight, and tonight’s radio show will be a replay of the Action Park episode from this afternoon with Jim Jesus and Lousander Feen. Also, please share this:

BenTorrentFixed-1024x454So, a few archives of Ben’s episodes have been shared on the Freedom Feens torrent link here and there. But now that Ben has retired his podcast for good, the Freedom Feens torrent master Sean DuVally has undertaken the task of putting ALL of Ben’s Bad Quaker episodes on their own torrent feed.

They’re in batches of 5-20 episodes, arranged by subject. The first three batches are already up on the feed, and more will be added in the coming weeks until they’re all out there.

We’d like people to please torrent and seed these to help keep Ben drone proof. Ben is semi-retired. He’ll still keep doing occasional Freedom Feens co-host spots, but the Bad Quaker podcast is over.

The Bad Quaker torrent feed is here:

Instructions on sharing automatically via your Torrent program are HERE.

Please help liberty by sharing this blog link with everyone you know!

–MWD and Sean


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5 Responses to Share torrents of every episode of Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker podcast! + classic Freedom Feens

  1. identity says:

    Oh, and interestingly enough, the TASS mouthpieces on the radio at my warehouse today were discussing just how frightening would be “a nuclear Iran” and how afraid we all should be.
    All these people have is fear. I’m so glad I don’t live in fear and dread anymore.

  2. identity says:

    I’m a panarchist. I, for one, welcome our piping satyr overlords.

    Seriously though, thanks for throwing in these Feens Gold episodes. They’re always enjoyable.

  3. Kyle says:

    Man, I miss Neema. I listened to you guys about a year or year and a half before he left. Good times.

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