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MWD's great uncle in about 1930.

MWD’s great uncle in about 1930.

Caity Greene and Dan Greene of the Greening Out Podcast FeenPhone in from Glasgow and tell you about the European tyranny that’s headed your way soon. Worms!

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  1. Rick says:

    “Dragon’s Den” was the Canadian precursor to “Shark Tank” on ABC.

    Two of the Sharks (Mr. Wonderful and Robert) were formerly on “Dragon’s Den.”

    BTW, Shark Tank is a show I highly recommend for AnCaps. It’s a true free market at work and there’s some occasional government bashing for good measure.

  2. Nathan says:

    Nice to meet you Dan and Caity, I love your cohosting on the feens! And those sexy scottish accents don’t hurt either!

    In return for the 3rd Rock from the Sun rec I’ll mention a scifi show I learned a lot from that’s way better than Star Trek: Babylon 5. Unlike ST it doesn’t pretend that religion and money and tyranny and conflict will all magically go away. There’s one episode in particular that had a big impact on me, poetically named “In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum”.

    In the episode the captain finds a rather slimy man who might know how his wife died. So he makes up a pretext and has the man arrested in order to interrogate him indefinitely. What struck me is that the Constitution and rights had always been an abstract thing for me, not something that you’d actually apply in your life. But in this episode other characters actually stood on principle and threatened to resign if he continued illegally detain someone. Yes I feel bad now for being a Constitution humper, but at the time it was a mind-bending revelation for me that hey, this document exists and actually recognizes you have rights. Rights!

    Then 9/11 and Gitmo happened. T_T

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