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AnComsDavi Barker and Dan Greene of the Greening Out Podcast ditch Michael Dean and FeenPhone in without a Comrex (first full show ever without MWD and without a Comrex !) Topics include: the similarities between soccer fans and zombies, tyranny in the UK, and Cat Army!


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  2. Ben Stone says:

    There are only about a dozen Fawlty Towers episodes as far as I remember (duh, I could look it up…) but it was epic. As an old MPFC fan I never thought Carol Cleveland could be matched, but Connie Booth stood up to the genius of John Cleese and matched him. And how can you not love the poor Manuel, the punching bag of Basil Fawlty.
    “Please forgive him, he’s from Barcelona.”
    I loved that show.


    • Nathan says:

      If it has John Cleese in it I must see it. Thanks Ben!

    • Dan Greene says:

      Who could forget the line where the German guests are in Fawlty Towers and after an episode of Basil Fawlty insulting them about World War 2 (in various ways) one of the Germans has enough of it and after arguing with Basil says to him “You started it!”
      To which he replies, “No I didn’t. You invaded Poland!”

  3. chuck arnold says:

    There is supposedly an esoteric meaning to Wizard of Oz also; the black and white world represents materialism, the yellow brick road is the spiritual journey to be travelled w/ courage (the lion) logic (scarecrow) and love (the tinman).. the wizard supposedly represents the creator god/jehovah who isn’t the supreme god/the a real wizard at all, and the good witch who helps her discover her divine spark inside represents the divine feminine. Still nothing with the evil witch and monkeys though lol.

    Also, there is an Army of Darkness TV series coming to Starz later this year.

  4. Rance says:

    The Freedom Feens is a great show, however I find it very hard to listen to episodes with Dan. It’s mostly just his constant giggling. For some reason it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

  5. Daniel says:

    This is my glowing fan letter to Micheal W Dean and the rest of the Feens. Thank you all for your service!

    Hey Michael,

    Been listening to the Feens since August/September 2014, just wanted to let you know what a positive influence the show has been on my life. I found you guys at a pretty dark point in my life thanks to the influence of a certain Canadian and your expose brought me back to my senses.

    Since then I finally got my shit together applied to grad school for architecture (gotta get magic paper to do my art). I listened to lots of Feens shows while doing my apps and my portfolio. I have gotten accepted into 3/4 schools I applied to, so thanks for providing a great positive show that has been the highlight of my mornings since then.

    Hope this doesn’t weird you out too much, but I just wanted to say thank you for your service and get well soon.


  6. Nathan says:

    Hey Dan, don’t know if you’re reading this but wanted to give you props for a good show. I listened to the latest episode of Greening Out and it was nice! It was instructive to see how the Obamacare legislation is going to be perceived in the future by the way you talked about the NHS.

    On the subject of Wizard of Oz I never understood why they changed it to ruby slippers for the movie until Davi pointed out the obvious: Red stands out more than silver going from grey to color! And the theory I’ve heard from some well-known libertarians who shall remain nameless is that Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson) was driven insane by his pedophilia, resulting in some recorded mental breakdowns and ultimately writing Alice in Wonderland as delusional fantasy, a window into his tortured soul if you will.

    Next week Michael & Davi will be back to ruin more movies, fairy tales, and tv shows you enjoyed as a child!

    • Philosofeen says:

      We read and did a project on Alice in Wonderland in my English class last semester, so I know a bit about it. Lewis Carroll originally came up with the story for the real Alice (that the character was based on) and her sisters when they were on a picnic and asked him to tell a story. He had no familial relationship to Alice, she was the daughter of someone he knew – she and her sisters were some of the kids he photographed, and Alice was his favorite – he grew close with her over the years, until something happened that caused her family to break ties with him (though pages from his journal or diary or whatever from this time were torn out so presumably he wrote about it then tore out the pages later, so no one knows exactly what happened). However, he wrote to Alice later on in life telling her of the success the book had, so he couldn’t have been on that bad of terms with Alice herself.

      One thing my class noticed about the story is that Alice seems to mature throughout the story, and one person came up with the idea that the story was a way for him to cope with Alice growing up. He grew up isolated from the rest of the world until he was twelve, so he never really had a childhood and perhaps didn’t develop emotionally, which explains why this could have been a problem for him.

      But yeah, strong evidence that he was a pedophile (though one argument is that in that pre-Freud time period, taking pictures of naked children didn’t have the sexual connotation that it does today), but he also did a lot more than write books and take pictures – he was a math professor, he invented things from childhood through adulthood, critiqued the political system, and came up with a technique for memorizing information.

      • Nathan says:

        Everything you said is correct Philosofeen, but I don’t think it contradicts anything I said, so maybe we agree? If you look at people like Syd Barrett or Kurt Cobain I think you can have significant mental illness to the point of insanity but still hold a job.

        • Philosofeen says:

          You’re right, the thing I was disagreeing with was about him “ultimately writing Alice in Wonderland as delusional fantasy, a window into his tortured soul if you will” – which seemed to imply that he deliberately wrote it like that for that purpose. But I guess, yeah, that could have been a motivation for it in addition to telling it as a story for Alice and her sisters.

    • Dan Greene says:

      Thanks Nathan, if there’s one thing we try to warn Americans about it’s sleepwalking into socialised healthcare the way we did in this country. Now the NHS is so ingrained in the public psyche that not only has it been described as a ‘national religion’ by some but because it’s been around since 1948 many in the UK simply can’t envision life without it and seem to think that a free market for healthcare would be horrendous.

      So you can see what we’re up against here.

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