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chmipAKDavi Barker and Michael Dean discuss the harsh possible short-term effects of quitting long-term nicotine vaping, DEA Agents Had “Sex Parties” Paid for by Drug Cartels, Federal Agents Investigating Bitcoin Money Laundering Extorted, Stole Over $1 Million In Bitcoin, The season end of Walking Dead, why Angela Keaton should become a Freedom Feens co-host, and the very cool and very prescient short essay from 1988, The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto.

Co-worms connected via FeenPhone.

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8 Responses to People With Government is Like a Chimp With A Machine Gun – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Alan says:

    A short while ago, in a very pleasant and very early in the morning conversation with a guy who delivers newspapers, he called those newspapers propaganda, and he suggested that I “check out” Freedom Feens on GCN. Well, I agree with him that those newspapers he was delivering are propaganda, so since then I’ve heard parts of Freedom Feens on a couple of your broadcasts. The parts I heard delivered complex subjects in a playful personality, a good thing to hear on radio.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Nice, Alan! Welcome!

      Tell two friends.

      Also, we have a secret decoder ring of sorts: You need Freedom Feens Buttons! And they are on sale, and now come with a movie and more:


    • MichaelWDean says:

      It’s been said that “The only thing that’s true in the newspaper is the date.”

      • Nathan says:

        I randomly picked up a newspaper online from a hundred years ago, and the article on the front page talked about the elections for the 25th ward of New York, and how it didn’t matter if you voted for the Republicans or the Democrats because The Hungry Nine, a group of fisherman, controlled the politics there. I guess there wasn’t any difference between the two parties back then too!

  2. Ikefeen says:

    Great show guys, very entertaining.

  3. Ikefeen says:

    Not a folk remedy. Just got over flu coupled with a lung infection. I lost 10lbs. Was sick for a month, couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t stop coughing. It may be counterproductive to stop your cough as your body is expelling toxins, I took benzonatate to stop my *dry* cough. It worked and let me sleep at night. But u must swallow it immediately, if u chew or it gets stuck in your mouth you’re dead. Odd huh? It stops the itchy feeling in your throat that makes u cough.

  4. Michigan Escapee says:

    Home remedies for “lung vomit” for lack of a better term? lol! Well, zyrtec and the generic versions took the edge off for me for about a year, until my blood presure went insane. Then it was happy benedryl coma time until that worked out of my system, and now I’m on allegra. Both of these OTC medications have unspellable generic names. Allegra is much much easier to handle than zyrtec, and has less zombification size effects(almost none). Although, both of these are better alternatives than the tweaker psychosis from Claratin, and various prickles/skin bugs. 😀

    Lets see, for bad crappy winter nights, a slug of nyquil. The doxylamine does most of the heavy lifting I suspect, the opiate component just dries you out. And for biting cold miserable days with a lot of wind, a common dust mask does wonders to keep your lungs from spazaming.

    And of course, HEPA filters. Hepa furnace filters, and those little box ones, and sometimes the big half barrel sized ones. All can be found at the average Lowes or Home Despot. Borax and boric acid to kill spots of mold if you’re allergic to that, but wet it down a little, or the dust off it will kill your lungs.

    Even with all that, if you have a food allergy, it may trigger something. Eventually you learn to sort of, void your lungs, more efficiently. Preferably in private, as disgorging 1-1/2 cups of (if your lucky) clear fluid out of your lungs tends to scare the piss out of people. 😉

    You might want to delete this after reading, for anyone who doesn’t have asthma, it’s probably including some horrifying descriptions of something seemingly mundane. 😀

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