Michael Dean is the Heisenberg of the Freedom Feens


BreakingFeensDavi Barker and Michael W. Dean discuss Michael’s slowly-improving health, the problems with tribalism, the joy of Mark Margolis on Breaking Bad (and in Pi, and Requiem for a Dream), third-hand smoke, Liberland, and the Communist party of Liberland.

Hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone!

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13 Responses to Michael Dean is the Heisenberg of the Freedom Feens

  1. Brian says:

    On Anarchist Rodeos- I’m definitely wearing my AnCap flag pin from Shiny Badges to the 4th of July rodeo this year. It’ll be my own personal anarchist rodeo.

  2. Rick says:

    I agree with Michael: Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time (Mad Men and The Wire round out my Top-3).

    The scene where Mike appears as The Cleaner after Jane dies was indeed his first. It was also a happy accident. Saul was supposed to clean up the mess, but Bob Odenkirk had a scheduling conflict while shooting scenes for How I Met Your Mother. Gilligan invented the character and cast Banks. He liked him so much, he wrote him into the rest of the series.


  3. Jim Jesus says:

    Tribalism is gross.


  4. Ben Stone says:

    Great show. Wonderful to hear Michael’s voice improving.
    Davi dropped some mad science about silly things that were believed in the “dark ages”. It inspired me to write this:

    Astrology is a very complicated view of the universe based on the perceived movement of the stars as viewed from one tiny spot in space. It has nothing to do with science or reality, yet at times astrology was believed to be the pinnacle of science. Astrology is intertwined with myths and mysticism and has often been used by rulers to control people. Astrology is often confused with astronomy.

    Collectivism is a complicated view of society based on preconceived notions focusing on a narrow view of humanity. It has nothing to do with science or reality, yet at times collectivism was believed to be the pinnacle of human sciences. Collectivism can be intertwined with economics and psychology and is always used by rulers to control people. Collectivism is often confused with human nature or human action.

    Astrology is to astronomy what collectivism is to human action.


    • MichaelWDean says:




    • Davi Barker says:

      I think of astrology as the correlation/causation fallacy in reverse. Just because the stars cannot possibly be the cause, does not mean there is not a correlation. I think it’s far more likely that the weather during the formative years of an infant has an lasting effect on them as adult. At least that’s far more plausible to my mind. Studies have suggested higher rates of depression during Winter months. So what’s the effect of depressed parents on 3 month old baby, versus a 9 month old infant? Of course this means any astrological tradition based on observation of stars would be irrelevant the moment you moved out of tribal societies and into another climate. But whatever, it’s just a theory.

  5. Ikefeen says:

    Welcome back, you sound better-health wise. Entertaining as always.

    Heard the secret sound at the end. : P

  6. Nathan says:

    Great show, I’ve been thinking lately that people who take pride in things that they can’t control are silly. If you have good looks or were born with money or happen to be super strong, obviously you can’t control any of those things, and props to Davi for pointing out it keeps you from taking pride in things you DO control.

    Also here’s a quotation for ya:
    “Anarchy is order, government is civil war.”
    -Anselme Bellegarrigue

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