Two years of the Freedom Feens on radio!


Party-cats-1600-1200The Freedom Feens celebrate two years of syndication on Genesis Communications Network by conjoining Lousander Feen with James Babb for a great Marvel comic-type team up. (With no commercials!) It’s our two-year Radioversary and that’s almost halfway to Alpha-Centauri!

Topics include security software, “Should we kill those damn flag burners?”, the groovy ghouie¬† ghost gunner, and many other fun things.

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5 Responses to Two years of the Freedom Feens on radio!

  1. identity says:

    James Babb? Man, the Feens just keep getting better and better. I first heard him on Ernie Hancock’s show several months ago and found him to be a great mind. “Stop droning yourself” made me lol.
    I’m not at all surprised that a plurality of mericans want to kill people(well, more likely they want others to do the deed) for burning flags. I’m a truck driver and I see “if you won’t stand behind the troops, feel free to stand in front of them” stickers enough that I never forget that there are people who want me dead because I don’t support their wars.

  2. Rick says:

    I really enjoyed Jim Babb: quick, smart and great pipes!

    Lou is always great, too, of course!

    Great show guys!


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