Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how there’s nothing violent about owning a gun, why you should never talk to the police, how the police in the UK are protecting criminals (coming soon to a stateside location near you!), mandatory drug testing for kids and welfare recipients, why their movie “Guns and Weed: the Road to Freedom” is no longer on YouTube, how funny Congressman Weiner is and why he ain’t probably steppin’ down, Christian Sharians calling Michael and Neema “un-American”, “dangerous” and comparing them to 60s radicals like SDS and Bill Ayers, Adam Kokesh’s dance-a-thon and how some are calling for his head in a Republican fatwa, how the Tea Party got co-opted by warmongering statists, how some cops threaten you for filming them, the non-drug possibilities of the “drugs online” TOR system “Silk Road“, Facebook data mining by the feds, and the PorcFest commercial that Michael and his wife made.

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  1. dbeall says:

    I heard that bit about saying or discussing things on the net, on the phone, ….

    I figure stuff needs to be said.. America needs to wake up… If they are going to assassinate me for speaking out, then just do it.
    I don’t broadcast info that is ‘private’, which is said person to person.

    i got an olde 2 wires telephone device and it has real wires, but it doesn’t have a crank like my old junk one did.
    cell phone, i know they can track it, don’t have one, but if i did, i would leave it at home.
    I started with a ham radio~tone button microphone, doing a tower patch to the phone grid. Then i had a ‘radio telephone’ or ‘car phone’ back in the day, the monthly bill was 5~7 hundred bucks using it nationwide(fees, fees, fees). The technology today is awesome, so small and relatively affordable.. all except for can u hear me now?, can you hear me NOW? dam.

  2. Michigan Escapee says:

    Shaving malamutes ? Methoprene(frontline,etc) is a less messy option. Worst
    case you can use Sevin 5% powder to kill and then comb out ticks. Dust mask
    is advisable for that. If you ingest too much you’ll turn into Alex Jones for 72
    hours. 😀

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