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Take us to your fuhrerHugo González, Michael W. Dean  and Lousander Feen talk about how anarchists are often stupid and believe that just because a government says something’s bad, it must be good (especially with actual research on the dangers of nicotine vaping). It’s almost like a religion with these people. It’s anti-state worship.

They explain why Bernie Saunders is a liar, a socialist and his feet stink. And why government often does the opposite of what it sets out to do, and why it looks like it’s spamming when it says it’s protecting the Internet with the new ICANN policy.

Hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone!

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The next president of America will almost certainly be either Hillary Clinton (ugh!) or Jeb Bush (ugh!).

Most voting Americans think those two are polar opposites.

Most Anarchists know different. I mean really, no matter who wins, taxes will go up, more nanny laws will be added, surveillance on all Americans will continue, the police state will expand, and America will continue to murder innocent people all over the world, continue to act like the police of the world, and most Americans will have no idea why most of the world hates them.


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  1. Sean DuVally says:

    You sounded Great on the Feens last night. Great to hear you do the whole show. Glad you’re doing better. You’ve been missed.

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