Feminism 101 with the Freedom Feens


trigger warningThe Freedom Feens discuss the “socialism in a skirt” that is many flavors of modern feminism. Topics include why isms are bad, why isms have no real meaning, and why libertarian shunning is healthy. Co-hosts are Michael W. Dean, Davi Barker, and Dan and Caity Greene. Really nifty fifth wheel is Diana Davison from the YouTube channel Feminism LOL.

Hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone! (Except Diana, who talked over Skype.)

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3 Responses to Feminism 101 with the Freedom Feens

  1. Darwin Smith says:

    Re: Your final comment about Spinal Tap and the ‘greased naked woman’. That was Fran Drescher who delivered that line. That’s right. Fran Drescher. She does not normally speak through her nose. She was sooo much smexier back then.

  2. Nathan says:

    The thing that bugs me about the cantwell/FTL drama is that Mark said that when he brought it up to Ian the latter said “Let’s have cantwell on the show and talk about it”. Mark then said he had to threaten to quit the show to get cantwell taken off the air. You’d think Ian would have been the level-headed one in that discussion…?

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