You Can’t Vote Power Into Giving Up Power


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi are joined by Neema’s brother Frank Vedadi and they talk about Misdemeanor Murder, Ecto Gammat, The Fifth Element, microphone placement, dealing with sibilance and plosives, what’s wrong with patriotism and with Sovereign Citizens, how the guy who wrote the song Led Zeppelin ripped off as “Dazed and Confused” also came up with the “be all you can be” slogan for US Army, and of course BEEF FEST!,

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7 Responses to You Can’t Vote Power Into Giving Up Power

  1. Ross Gram says:

    I love the cat stuff guys. I agree that anarchists are drawn to cats, I have one named Turbo Rambo (Yeah, he has 2 names and a youtube channel, shhhh) Needless to say Animals that tend to become overly domesticated reminds me to much of slaves and aren’t my favorite. Which is why I also have reptiles and arachnids, species that demand respect.

    Anyways, when I was a kid my dad trained dogs. So, I decided to take what I learned from him and apply it to my cat Turbo to see what I could get him to do. Well, needless to say it only took a few mins to realized that pack mentality, which is a single dominant pack leader hierarchy, will Not work on an independent cat. But, over time I learned not to do what would be in his mind, me pretending to dominate over him and just share dominance as equals. For example- no longer yelling every-time he clawed the wood furniture, just bought a scratching post and putting him on there each time he did so and so on. Dominance sharing for cats is similar to what you would see in a lion pride when two brother or male equals share dominance together. After that I was finally able to teach him tricks, even trained him to do walk on a leash and come to a dog clicker. Although, I can’t say for sure if this would be effective on a female cat, But I can say that it was an enlightening experience and revelation for me.

    • Neema says:

      In my younger, more statist, days I used to hate cats because they wouldn’t respect my authori-tah now that I’ve mature I love cats and have three in my household. I’ve found that if you respect a cat they will reward you. I still haven’t been successful in training any cats (I tried to train Pflocken to use the toilet instead of a litter box and got pretty close but no cigar).

  2. Jumping Jehosaphat says:


    Thanks for the content. Guns be with you.

  3. Jumping Jehosaphat says:

    Dear Michael and Co.,

    I really love the Feens’ broadcasts… I patiently await Wednesdays and Sundays so that I can listen to the shows. They are the landmarks by which I measure the passage of the week. That said—in my humble but grand opinion: this “Power” episode was powerfully feentastic. Frankly, I don’t know if it was the addition of Frank “Little-Neema” Vedadi but the show was so elegant. Maybe it was Neema’s hunger or Michael’s candor. Maybe you’ve got to have Frank back on sometime. Both of our regular Feen co-hosts were well on-point (as usual) and Frank shared good infrequent input. Something extra special about this broadcast. The past two nights I’ve laid in bed insomnia-stricken and avidly listened to every nuance of the show: thoroughly entertained. I thought you guys deserve to know. Worms.

    PS – I think a video game with Taliban may have been Counter Strike, no? A friend back in college used to play that.

    PPS – I may put my foot in my mouth here, but Marc Stevens recently had a Chris Broughton on his show. Apparently Chris open-carried an AR-15 to an Obama rally. Seems kind of Feenish if you ask me. Chris said he hadn’t heard Marc before, so I don’t know but maybe he’s an unsolicited Feen, eh? Worms and chrome-plated turds. Worms.

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