Freedom Feens live from #Porcfest XII, night 4 – Feen Bone!


PorcSiezedDavi Barker, MK Lords, Lousander Feen, Randy England, Ben Stone, Dianna Keiler, Chandler St. Pierre, Michael W. Dean, and the day-butt of Angela Keaton (Feen Bone)! WooT!

Davi thinks Indominus rex is Coitus Interruptus Rex.  And now EVERYTHING is licensed BipCot! And is common sense so rare in humans as to be a super power?

This episode has a bunch of technical difficulties (YOU try doing a show with 8 hosts in four locations from somewhere with bad Internet!), it’s not one of the best Feens ever. But it has its fun moments…..



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9 Responses to Freedom Feens live from #Porcfest XII, night 4 – Feen Bone!

  1. William says:

    Michael, I too have severe asthma, and have been hospitalized for it.
    Trust me, I do feel for you in this respect. My posts are not about your illness, or hospitalization in any way. Beware of straw men.

    After listening to most of your shows, and having never been critical, I figure one is a pretty good track record. All I was trying to point out is that Freedom Feens Show is better than this. I was criticizing the content, not the technical difficulties. I do understand the difficulties of broadcasting from a campground in the New Hampshire countryside. Therefore, I perhaps misspoke. But there were some uncomfortable time lapses between comments. This is a teaching hospital. I get it!

    I would like to think that criticism (I would not call my critique over the top) would be taken into consideration for future improvement.. A market signal, perhaps? You have a radio show; so does Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, PBS et al, which I am very critical of. I can’t be critical of a radio show? I don’t donate to Levin , or Limbaugh , but that doesn’t mean I can’t say what is on my mind. And for all you know, I may have donated via bitcoin. As far as a spoiled kid: I am in my fifties, and am very responsible, own properties, have a business; a far cry from the twelve wide sans expando living room I grew up in.

    It is not that I am a statist (I am not) who continuously writes scathing remarks; it’s just one episode that I hope does not become what the future of Freedom Feens holds. Of course, as a thinking person, I sometimes disagree with minor points of what is said; otherwise I would be just another mindless drone. Of course I just shrug them off, in favor of wonderful commentary by some of the Feens. It’s just this one episode…. which I was in hope that you would understand.
    Anyway, I do like your show, and will continue to listen, especially when Ben, Randy, Bill, Nema, and MK are on. The others apparently have a share of the market, and that is fine; live & let live.


    By the way, this is the most I have posted on any web page in years. Just don’t take it personally.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Asthma isn’t a straw man. It’s a “cut me a break, I’m having a horrible week/month/year, and it’s hard doing a show.”

      Since you’re bragging that you have money, I think you should donate a good chunk of money to the Feens. That’s the most helpful thing you could do. Far more helpful than telling me a show that I know wasn’t great wasn’t great.

      It’s easy to criticize, it’s hard to have any kind of useful input. You’ve had no useful input. Of COURSE I know it wasn’t a great show. I still think you are really suspect having this shit be your first ever comment to us. You’re a taker, not a giver.

      We don’t make any money. We lose money. We’re not Levin, Rush, Limbaugh, etc.

      You say you’re critisizing the content, not the tech issues. But I can usually steer the content, I got cut off for half this show, and before that I had a two-second delay to them due to tech issues, and I can barely breathe or talk. All that makes it very hard for me to keep the show on track.

      The things that weren’t good about this show were due to the tech difficulites.

      You don’t understand the tech or the process of doing a remote show, so you just think you can say ell me “you had an off night man” and somehow think that bullshit is constructive. But you don’t know what you’re talking about.


    • MichaelWDean says:

      By the way William, what’s your full name and town? You know mine, I think if you’re going to tell me how to do my business I should know yours. Don’t be an anonymous coward.

  2. William says:

    How can this episode be considered worthy of radio? Frankly, this episode is not worthy of a third rate podcast recording of a college freshman bull session. The show started out ok with Lou, and Ben, even though it wasn’t close to standards they routinely exemplify (everyone has off days). I felt bad for Angela Keaton; what a miserable start as a new Feen! Everyone involved is better than this, but sadly, there have been incremental steps lately on this show which has merged to this silly nonsense. And don’t get me started on the dead air! For that alone, teaching hospital should be revised to remedial teaching hospital.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      whatever. We were dealing with a lot. And it was a fun one.

      Where’s your show? I’d love to hear it.


      • William says:

        “Whatever.” “Where’s your show? I’d love to hear it.” That’s your retort? I have listened to just about every show you have produced. I enjoy most, but have been critical of others, without posting on your site. But to ask where my show is, is like saying everyone who ever wrote wrote a critical letter to the editor of a newspaper, or magazine, should not be able to voice an opinion unless they too own a newspaper, or magazine. Another way of putting it is this: A jazz pianist critiques a prog rock bass player, (both genres I love) but someone comes along and says “where is your bass, and where is your prog band?” This is a childish way of saying criticism is now allowed. Great way of building an audience! As I said in the aforementioned comment, “those involved are better than this,” because they are; people like MK, Ben, Randy, Bill, and others are smart people. Also, I realize that Freedom Feens is not an academic site in the mold of the Mises Institute, but rather a light-hearted approach to liberty. But this podcast didn’t even close to light-heartness, but rather borders on stupidity. I would not have written this second comment, were it not for “whatever.” “where’s your show?” But I guess some are impervious to critique.

        • MichaelWDean says:

          have you ever posted a positive comment? Have you ever donated?
          I find it snitty when people who have done neither (especially donated) are pricky about their critique. Like I said, we’re dealing with a lot. I know this episode was far from perfect. I’m dealing with life-threatening illnesses and still producing a show every day. On no money. I am giving of myself and you come off like I owe you something. Most people dealing with what I’m dealing with would give up on doing shows. At least I’m trying.

          We were dealing with a lot of tech issues (internet sucks at Porcfest). I feel your whole comment was a “fuck you” to me. I can take critique. But there’s nothing useful you said. If it came from someone who had more invested in the show (like had been supportive or donated money, or had volunteered), I’d take it a little more seriously. But seriously man, read your first comment out loud. It comes off like a spoiled kid who thinks he’s owed something, and it has no allowance for what we (and me with my health) are dealing with.

          And the dead air (was LRN only, not our show) is completely out of my control. I’m powerless over it. I can control it as well as you can control the wind.


        • MichaelWDean says:


          I was in the hospital this weekend. Rushed to Emergency room. I’m barely recovering. Yet I’m still trying to pull together a show 2000 miles away and you yell at me for my show having an off night. Classy, man. Classy.


  3. Nathan says:

    Turn your feen bones into liberty!

    I think common sense must be a superpower. I kept listening afterward on KZNU and it was some lady saying government is bad because some incompetent people were in government and couldn’t be fired. The solution was to change government so they can be fired. And to top it all off, she started every other sentence with “we”.


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