Downloading Movies Could Save Your Life

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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi take calls and talk about the possibility of the Aurora theater shooting being a Manchurian-Candidate type false-flag event, ButtCasting, an interview with Daniel Noethen the creator of the streaming software BUTT (“broadcast with this tool”), Cornell University Cooperative Extension, William S. Burroughs, Shovel ready lies, Cops murder way more people than any other demographic, Texas “no gun” signs, Blag from the Dwarves and his square silly state worship, the word “hipster” dates back to around 1935 or 1940, “Police say the attack is not tied to terrorism” (Really? I think it fits the very description of terrorism, something intended to produce mass terror.)

Neema had some audio problems on this episode, he fixed them for the last segment, and it won’t happen again.

More on BUTT, with audio examples.

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4 Responses to Downloading Movies Could Save Your Life

  1. Neema says:

    Awesome! Listening to the Feens while the Statist God-King flaunts his stolen riches. Barrack is comin’ to Austin soon. I think I’ll just stay in my bunker that day.

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  3. Hesperus says:

    I was listening to the part with ben stone as I drove past president obamas heavily armed and armored convoy when he stopped in Reno today. Now there’s something to boast about, hah, air force one is flying over as I type this.

    But it was nuts, they shut down the northbound freeway, I was on the southbound freeway, got a pretty good look at the beast and I think I saw the man himself.

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