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Ben, Hugo, and Dianna K
Hugo González, Dianna Keiler and Ben Stone.
Immigration: A Contrived Crisis
immigration is not at a record high in America
(last peak-1920, 2015 is below 2000, currently 15 year low)
Immigration seems bad because you have been told it’s bad. Fear of immigrants is a tool of the two party system, to keep you panicked and voting. Ben says that Hoppe’s “forced integration” means a brown skinned person has entered his field of view.
Link to the Cato Institute study

5 Charts that Show Trump’s Immigration Paper Is Nonsense from The Foundation for Economic Education

Lawrence Reed
Assume the Right Wingnuts are correct, that immigrants must be stopped! That means every citizen must carry papers and be able to produce proof of citizenship on demand. Searches and street stops will become common. House to house searches must commence, business should expect audits and searches, and you can forget about rights.
Hoppe debunked

Co-hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone!

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3 Responses to Immigration: A Contrived Crisis – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Ben Stone says:

    To sum up about 10 emails and Twitter PMs I have received since this show aired:
    “But Ben, we live in the real world where immigration is a huge problem. Your libertarian utopia doesn’t exist. We need solutions now!”

    Dear Socialists,
    Shut up.
    Socialist governments created the problem. Why are you so stupid that you believe more socialism is the answer?

    If discussing the problem of cops beating people, would you argue that the solution is to have more cops beat people?
    If discussing the Federal Reserve’s money manipulations and its impact on the economy, would you argue that the solution is more Federal Reserve money manipulations?
    If the problem is taxation, is the solution more taxation?
    If the problem is price and wage controls would the solution be more government regulation of prices and wages?

    Why is it that libertarians and anarchists understand that the solution is never more government, until the topic drifts to immigration, then suddenly all libertarian principles go out the window and the solution become more tyranny?

    Libertarian hypocrites sicken me. You people should try being honest and just admit you hate people with brown skin, and stop looking for a libertarian excuse for your hate.


  2. Anders Hass says:

    >Ben says that Hoppe’s “forced integration” means a brown skinned person has entered his field of view

    Lol, is that the level you are gonna represent Hoppe’s views on immigration?

    • Ben Stone says:

      Hey Anders,
      Good to hear from you.
      I can’t think of any other explanation for Hoppe’s position.
      I have offered to let him explain it to me and he has never taken me up on the offer. I have emailed him with invitations and he has never responded.
      His own economic view proves that every immigrant (legal or otherwise) is by default, invited. Every employer who employs them and every landlord who rents to them invites them. Every store that sells the goods invites them to do business. And since Hoppe claims government is the caretaker of “public property” then when government entices them to immigrate with free goodies, government is inviting them.
      So how is Hoppe forced to integrate other than when they enter his field of vision, as he drives past people who work and sweat for a living.


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