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Derrick J. gets partway to California and stops briefly to consider his new life as a BipCot-licensed shell human, Michael W. Dean explains why Pablo Escobar was the greatest libertarian ever (lol), and Davi Barker tells us about his recent hit and run adventures, and how it relates to BipCot blue-letter law.

Co-hosts talked over the miles via FeenPhone!

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3 Responses to BipCot über alles – Freedom Feens radio

  1. ben says:

    The solution to the resistant or “superbug” problem with free-market antibiotics is simple. The antibiotics company will want to protect their R&D and marketing investments. So they won’t sell it to every “Ben’s ATFE Shop”. The companies will sell to trusted stores like Walgreens, Hartigs, and independent pharmacists with sufficient credentials to prove to the pharmaceutical company that they will only sell to customers who actually need the drug. Customers like those with proscription from a trained, recognized, and accredited doctor.

  2. Jim Jesus says:

    Keep rubbin’ my nose in it, man.

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