Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi discuss how the first black American president is bombing the hell out of Africa, Economic meltdown sex slave erotica, haters, California screwing itself again, Glenn Beck’s half-truths, Gay marriage in NY and the gun grabbers who “give” it to you, Bill O’Reilly interviewing Lupe Fiasco, Michael Dean’s deism, the Anti-Deist Movement, The Jefferson Bible, why the book “The Red Amendment” seems cultish and wrong,  the majesty of the Boondocks, what it was like being in a punk band in the 80s, battle rifle choices, Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Wyoming legalizing concealed carry of guns without a permit, and what it was like being in a punk band way back in the day. Then we hear a Right Arm of Wyoming song, “Redistribution of Theft.”

Also, check new interview with Michael W. Dean on FightPorn podcast


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  2. marion says:

    Hi Michael, in answer to Neema’s question, that Judge friend of mine is a Special Judge, appointed by the district judges. She handles preliminary hearings on felony cases, misdemeanor cases, victim protective orders, and all the minor civil disputes like small claims stuff and evictions. Our county has 2 District Judges, 1 Associate District Judge, and one Special Judge.

  3. Hesperus says:

    Superb show, first of all those comments at the start about people on the Internet making horrible statements. Spot on, in his recent book Michio Kaku stated that when the internet was invented those who invented it intended it to become a global forum for scientists and others to share their knowledge and enhance humanity, instead it became a no holds barred wild west where among other things, any dink can make anonymous slanderous comments that they probably couldn’t get away with otherwise.
    Second, I think the boondocks is either the best or second best cartoon ever made, though I also love american dad.
    Third I have few greater aspirations in life than to do everything the opposite of bill orielly
    Fourth I would like to recommend an EBR, the Zastava PAP, a local gun shop has about a half dozen of these and they ooze quality, which you don’t really expect from an AK. Superb trigger, well made, beautiful finish. The only bug is that they take oddball single stack AK mags and converting them back to standard is a bit of a headache.
    Good luck.

  4. MichaelWDean says:

    We covered this LibPar question in one episode….training wouldn’t be required, but there would be a strong social stigma to not knowing it. Picture an adult who can’t swim trying to swim at a public pool and how he’d be ridiculed. It would work like that.


  5. Aaron Henley says:

    Boston helped lift that veil for me many years ago. For a time that had me frightful and paranoid. I’ve been listening to Jack Spirco for a couple of years now. He has helped put a bit of perspective on life.
    What we do in our own lives means far more than what others do to or around us. With all the control they try to exert over us, what we do still has more meaning in the outcomes of our lives.

    I have a LibPare question. I teach the handgun carry class in TN. Should a class be required? Obviously I have a financial interests in the question. But practically, when people take my class they learn so much. Both experienced and in experienced shooters coment on how much they learned. However,90% say they likely wouldn’t have taken the class if it weren’t required. So how do you instill the desire in someone to take responsibility for their actions?
    You should absolutely be able to defend yourself by any means necessary without asking permission from anyone. We should also take it upon ourselves to become competent with that method. Many people simply wont.

  6. MichaelWDean says:

    I think of that admonishment at the end of Revelations as the ultimate copyright. lol….normal copyright is “you might get in trouble with the law if you mess with this text.” That one is “You’ll go to HELL if you mess with this text.”



  7. Christian Burka says:

    Ok, here’s what hacks me off about Christianity’s interpretation of scripture in general is that it isn’t well thought out or scholarly. The Book of Revelations has that specific admonish just for the Book of Revelations, not for the whole set of books that people conceive as the Bible. My belief and understanding is that this book was deceptively placed at the end of the Canonical Bible for a reason – to protect the writings of Paul. Also, people quote ‘All scripture is good’ (2 Timothy 3:16), but fail to realize that means – at the time of it’s writing, the Torah. If anything, things become more clear when you understand that Paul was from the house of Herod – the same folks that tried to kill Yeshua (later named Jesus Christ – a name he wasn’t called in reality) and the fact that Paul was never a real apostle. If anything, Paul was the historical pagan sun-priest Apollonius of Tyanna, since Tarsus and Tyanna are a modern day hour’s drive apart. I can belief the Torah is good for instruction, and I totally believe that Yeshau was most likely the Messiah, but as Jefferson pointed out, Paul was most likely the first corrupter of the Gospel. Just my two cents – but may not be worth nothing because ‘I had the Jesus educated out of me by those evil college theologians’.

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