Peeing in Train Tunnels – Freedom Feens Radio



MWD, Derrickj, and Brett Veinotte talk over the miles over Feenphone. Derrick is wide eyed with his first week in San Fran….apartment hunting, interview ends in the bedroom, living with cults, “they make you dance naked around a fire” after the soup kitchen.

Things to ask your landlord, things to ask your date. If your cult has apts for rent contact Derrick j today!

Apartment hunting in San Francisco

The band Phish!


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    WordPress is so robust it’s almost magical.


  2. Nathan says:

    Strange trivia: When copying the text about NEW BIGGER BUTTONS from one firefox window to the wordpress window, I noticed the hyperlink was automatic! It’s even more remarkable considering I was running two different versions of firefox for the two windows!

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