Leave it better than you found it – Freedom Feens radio


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Derrick J, Davi Barker and Michael W. Dean.

Derrick J tells us about the cult he had to join to get a place to live in San Fran.

MWD discusses how to properly discipline your Derrick J. Davi discusses drawing Mohammad. MWD discusses KGAY radio. Steve discusses Ripple. Derrick J discusses cults. MWD discussed cats and Palestine Park.

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The Freedom Feens is covered by a BipCot No-Government License This allows re-use b
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2 Responses to Leave it better than you found it – Freedom Feens radio

  1. Melissa says:

    i know livejournal is dead, but i’m pretty sure someone posted something similar in housematehorror.livejournal.com YEARS ago about cult like apartment or at least multiple roommates thrown together.

  2. Jon says:

    Making your bed is important for the flourishing of dust mites, and quite bad for human health.

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